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Le Vin au Vert

Le Vin au Vert photo by Aaron Ayscough wine bar in Paris |

Wine afficionados Etienne Lucan and Sebastien Obert opened this bare-bones cave-à-manger in 2009, having put in time on the floor at Cali-transplant Kevin Blackwell’s only-slightly-less bare-bones restaurant Autour d’Un Verre. Years later, Lucan and Obert oversee one of Paris’ most surprisingly excellent and affordable wine selections. Their prices remain well-suited to the location on the sketchier side of the 9ème arrondissement, but their natural wine selection, heavy on grower Champagne and the wines of allocated cult vignerons like Jean-François Ganevat and Eric Pfifferling, would make mouths water in any tonier district. During apéro and dinner hours, the tables are reliably full of locals enjoying simple cheese and charcuterie plates, or one of the restaurant’s limited main courses (typically a choice between chicken and a sausage). Le Vin Au Vert is a discreet destination for anyone for whom food is an accompaniment to wine, not vice versa.

Practical information

Address: 70 rue de Dunkerque, 75009
Nearest transport: Anvers (2)
Hours: Closed Sunday and Monday; Open Tuesday-Friday for lunch and dinner; Open Saturday 10am-12am
Reservations: Walk-Ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 83 56 46 93
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 20-39€
Style of cuisine: Classic French

Reviews of interest

Wine Terroirs (2012) “… an excellent and relaxed caviste/wine bar …They use fresh products and the menu is short and simple…”

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2012) “… a magnetically down-to-earth cave-à-manger… the selection of mostly-natural wines at Le Vin Au Vert is among the cheapest I’ve seen in a quality establishment in Paris…”

John Talbott (2010) “Both of us then chose to have the caillette ardéchoise… Not bad, but nothing to write home about. Our wines, on the other hand were bio, natural, unfiltered, etc; a white sauvignon and a red Rhone, and quite good.”

Le Figaro (2009) “Sans aucune prétention à réinventer le genre…”

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