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Pierre Marcolini

Brussels-based Pierre Marcolini is known for his carefully sourced, small estate, single origin tablets, but there’s plenty to please here, from macarons to chocolate-covered marshmallows.

Practical information

Address: 89 rue de Seine, 75006
Nearest transport: Odéon (4, 10)
Hours: Open every day
Telephone: 01 44 07 39 07
Website Facebook

Additional locations

Address: 3 rue Scribe, 75009
Nearest transport: Opéra (3,7,8 )
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 44 71 03 74

Address: 235 rue saint Honoré, 75001
Nearest transport: Tuileries (1)
Hours: Closed Sunday

Reviews of interest

Time Out (2013) “One of the world’s best chocolate makers, this Belgian chocolatier wows with each impressive bite. Be it his raspberry and white chocolate hearts or one of his chocolate-covered marshmallows, there’s something here for every chocolate lover.”

Barbra Austin (2009) “Best of all are the Câlins, with their thin, crispy wafer, delicate crunch of almond praline, and oozing vanilla caramel…”

Caroline Mignot (2009) “…nougatine extra tendre (mais cassante hein) presque feuilletée, amandes plein la bouche, notes de caramel et chocolat au lait gourmand. La révélation.”

David Lebovitz (2007) “…bright, fluffy, vanilla-flecked cubes of sweet, airy marshmallow in contrast to the thin, intensely-flavored coating of bittersweet chocolate…”

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