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Where to eat in Saint-Germain

Where to eat in Saint-Germain in Paris

To assemble this collection, I’ve been trying new places and to returning to old standbys to see how they’re holding up. Everything in this guide has been anonymously tested within the last three years. A few favorites from the previous version of this list have been removed because they didn’t meet that cut-off. I’ll update this guide as I continue to review restaurants in this area.

As with our guides to eating in the Marais, the Latin Quarter, and Near the Eiffel Tower, I’ve organized my selections into categories:

  • GREAT – these are the restaurants you should prioritize
  • GOOD – these restaurants make us happy, but they’re not our top picks
  • FINE – these restaurants come in handy in certain situations
  • NOT RECOMMENDED – we did not enjoy our experience
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