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Cat Café To Open in the Marais

Inspired by neko cafes in Japan, Margaux Gandelon launched a successful crowd-sourced fundraising campaign to open a café where the catless masses can purchase feline affection alongside artisanal teas, hot chocolate, coffee, tarts and brunch.

Frogs’ Legs Out of Fashion?

The NY Times declares that, more often than not, the slimy green guys, traditionally associated with French haute cuisine, are imported from Poland, Albania or Indonesia.

Frenchie to Go Restaurant in Paris | Paris By Mouth

Frenchie To Go

Just down the street from the impossible to get into Frenchie, you can complete the Gregory Marchand hat trick at the latest outpost from the renowned Frenchie chef. The Anglo-inspired eatery features excellent Reubens, flavorful fish and chips, sweet treats like cheesecake and doughnuts, housemade ginger beer, pickles & maple smoked bacon, and one of the best beer lists we’ve seen in Paris.