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  • Al TaglioIt's pizza by the kilo at this (vaguely) Roman-style spot. Bright lights, high stools and cheap wine by the carafe. Locations in Oberkampf and the upper Marais.
  • 6036Subtle, inexpensive Japanese bites from a former chef at Abri. Small plates in a small place with a nice list of natural wines. There are only 14 seats so be prepared to queue.
  • Paris Food & Wine EventsOur selection of the best food and wine events in and around Paris.
  • Café des Abattoirs in The New York TimesCafé des Abattoirs (75001) Lindsey Tramuta reported on Café des Abattoirs in the [...]


  • Africasounds great , where can i book a tour like that ?
  • Alexa PerlmutterMy family of 10 recently did a "Paris By Mouth"
  • SallyMy daughter and I ate here April 15th. It was her