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Martine Lambert

The best of Normandy’s lactic bounty is put to good use at this ice cream shops, the Paris outpost of a Deauville classic.

Practical information

Address: 39 rue Cler, 75007
Nearest transport: École Militaire (8)
Hours: Closed Monday, Closed Tuesday
Telephone: 01 45 51 25 30

Additional Locations

Address: 192 rue de Grenelle, 75007
Nearest transport: La Tour-Maubourg (8)
Hours: 01 45 51 25 30

Reviews of interest

GQ (2013) “Ni purée de fruits congelée, ni colorant, ni conservateur, Martine Lambert ne travaille qu’avec des produits frais et de saison. L’autre talent réside dans les associations étonnantes et savoureuses : la Martinique à la vanille, orange confite et rhum, la Nuit de Chine au cacao et poivre du Sichuan ou encore l’Eté indien à la figue et clémentines.”

Time Out (2012) “You’ll be hard-pushed to find thicker, creamier ice cream than at Martine Lambert’s parlour on Rue Cler, where Normandy lait cru (unpasteurised milk) and crème fraîche are used in most of her recipes.”

Serious Eats (2012) “The ice cream is made with milk from cows in Normandy and the flavors are honest, and constantly changing. Where to begin? Well for starters, do not miss this Clafoutis aux Myrtilles (pictured). Each spoonful literally pops with the sweetest of summer berries tucked within the smooth, vanilla ice cream base. All at once decadent and wholesome. Take advantage of the summer months—only then can you purchase ice cream by the scoop (it’s sold by the container year round).”

Le Figaro (2010) “…le choix de glaces sans colorants ni conservateurs reste honorable…prix un poil réfrigérants.”

Clotilde Dusoulier (2008) Recommended in Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris.

Photo courtesy of Sara Sligar

6 thoughts on “Martine Lambert”

  1. I agree with Louis’s assessment. I had a miniscule scoop of blackberry sorbet yesterday that tasted like it had been scraped from the bottom of the freezer. Burnt, bland, and too sweet. At €2.90 a boule, I probably won’t give them a second chance. If only Grom would move to the neighborhood.


    Thanks for the comment about Martine Lambert, Louis. You just saved us some disappointment.

  3. We have been using references from Paris by Mouth for our 5-week stay in Paris. Info has been great until Martine Lambert on Rue Cler. We were there tonight and both my wife and I were disappointed in the flavors. I had basic chocolate and strawberry and both were off. Portions were also skimpy, but that’s not the basis for my complaint. We were both unsatisfied.

    On the other hand Berthillon was just fabulous; I just wish it were closer to where we’re staying. Portions here are also modest, but the flavors are just wonderful, and we have always been completely satisfied.

  4. I especially love Martine Lambert’s ice cream. My favorite is her vanilla with chocolate pieces.

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