Brash and belly-filling, a meal at l’Ami Jean can be coma-inducing. Reserve in advance, and plan on walking home.

 An absolute favorite

Practical information

Address: 27 rue Malar, 75007
Nearest transport: La Tour Maubourg (8)
Hours: Closed Sunday, Closed Monday
Reservations: Book a week or two in advance
Telephone: 01 47 05 86 89
Average price for lunch: 35-49€
Average price for dinner: 35-49€
Style of cuisine: Regional: Basque
Special attributes: prix-fixe, market-based cooking, prestige ingredients, nose to tail eating, renowned chef, no-choice menu

Reviews of interest

Meg Zimbeck (2012) “The base product is impeccable. But the real joy comes from watching/eating what the chef does with these ingredients. Jego’s tweaking of classic bistro flavors doesn’t feel, as is so often the case, haphazard or goofy. Those three great dishes each conveyed a feeling of comfort while also sharing – and this is difficult – something new.”

Gilles Pudlowski (2011) “C’était un bistrot basque, simple et de quartier. C’est devenu, sous la houlette de Stéphane Jego…« the » bistrot à prendre d’assaut.”

Barbra Austin (2010) “The rosy crawfish soup that kicked things off was straightforward enough, with sweet green peas and tiny croutons floating around in the current.  After that…a dish of cod with foie gras, the white fish turned green by a bright parsley sauce… A few favas played around the plate, and a strip of chorizo laid across everything, a colorful garnish, yes, but not superfluous…”

Barbra Austin (2009) “…a seven course marathon of more-or-less Basque dishes that somehow managed to be elegant and creative, unpretentious, and generous down to the last round, a large bowl of riz-au-lait with a wooden spoon sticking out of it.”

François Simon (2009) “Il faut être dans une forme olympique, s’enduire de testostérone et manger du cheval. C’est comme ça, sinon vous sortez la tête en avant en faisant des holalala. Nourritures d’enfer donc, d’une générosité et d’une percussion rare…”

Figaroscope (2009) “le menu ­carte blanche… avec une cuisine à la fois solide et subtile, où la terre côtoie la mer, le saumon, le pop-corn et le ris de veau, la citronnelle. Autre option, l’exploration de la carte XXL…”

Food Snob (2009) “…the food, the atmosphere, the buzz – it was just a lot of fun.”

John Talbott (2007) “Should you go? I think this is an ideal place to send 1st time visitors; good chow, authentic surroundings and nice staff…”