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Fish La Boissonnerie restaurant in Paris |

This popular restaurant and wine bar run by Drew Harre and Juan Sanchez is a sort of Anglo haven, excellent for a quick glass, a solo dinner at the bar, or for those times when you’re just tired of speaking French. Current chef Oliver Clarke is turning out some really solid food. 

Practical information

Address: 69 rue de Seine, 75006
Nearest transport: Mabillon (10)
Hours: Open every day for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Book a day or two in advance, but walk-ins usually welcome at the bar
Telephone: 01 43 54 34 69
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 40-59€
Style of cuisine: Modern French

Reviews of interest

Reviews citing Oliver Clarke as chef:

Le Fooding (2015) “Première adresse de Drew Harré et Juan Sanchez (devenus depuis les proprios de Semilla, Cosi et Freddy’s), ce bar à vins avec long bar et plafond poutré sert de terrain de jeu à l’Anglais Ollie Clarke, pas encore trentenaire, pour titiller les codes bistrot: foie d’agneau rôti, cerises et navets; filets de maquereau marinés tranchants avec chou rouge et pomme; veau de lait très rosé et compotée d’aubergines au sésame; tarte à l’orange et crème crue…”

Reviews citing Taku Sekine and other chefs:

Alexander Lobrano (2013) “Our meal began with Chawanmushi with cockles, a sublime and very delicate steamed Japanese egg custard with tiny salty shellfish, and a complimentary starter of lamb sweetbreads with green asparagus in a brilliant sauce of cider and pan drippings.”

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2012) “… if, thirteen years on, the restaurant’s cuisine and its wine list both show their age, great hospitality, thankfully, remains timeless…We knew we were being taken care of.”

John Talbott (2011) “Friendly… one of the few places where English does not seem out of place… a tad above average.”

Le Figaro (2011) “… ambiance survitaminée… flacons bien gaulés et une assiette étonnamment plaisante…”

Patricia Wells (2011) “I confess that I could easily lunch or dine at the wine bar/restaurant Fish La Boissonerie once a week, and would be totally happy just sipping some delicious wine (our own Clos Chanteduc Cotes du Rhone is on the list now!) and eating the warm and golden brick oven bread from Cosi, just across the street. The friendly Anglophone spot reminds me of the coffee shop from Friends, where you always run into someone you know and always feel at home.”

Simon Says (2010) “Pour tout vous dire, lorsque je suis seul le soir, j’aime bien aller en début de service… Plat direct (ici un pigeonneau), et un petite carafe d’un vin bienveillant.”

Simon Says (2009) “Toujours aussi british (quel plaisir parfois de ne pas entendre parler français à Paris) avec des plats chamarrés, pas loupés comme ce bar avec ses légumes. Que demandez de plus? Des bons vins comme ce domaine d’Aupilhac, en Languedoc Roussillon (38€) et zou!”

Le Fooding “Boire donne soif, mais il faut être raisonnable et manger aussi. Formule à 12,50€ au déjeuner (salade Caesar + pâtes) ou en quelque sorte un « Passion-boisson-poisson » (pas facile à dire) avec un menu à 25,50€ au déjeuner et 31,50-35€ le soir, déclinant velouté de céleri, œuf poché, filet de bar de ligne sur un risotto en fine émulsion « huile d’O et citron » pour suivre (+ 6€ au menu), et indéboulonnable panna cotta en bout de ligne. Pas si mal…”

 Photo via Fish’s Facebook page

6 Comments on Fish (La Boissonnerie)

  1. Our experience at Fish was just so so. The restaurant space itself is lovely, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Great wine selection and good recommendations, but the food was uninspired. We had mackerel and clam starters and the lamb and John Dory mains — all seemed a bit under seasoned and just not that interesting. Best thing was the lovely cucumber gazpacho sent by the chef at the start of the meal. We wish everything tasted as good as that soup and some of the wines we enjoyed.

  2. Based on your recommendation for Sunday, plus dining alone I headed to Fish tonight and was not disappointed. I arrived around 8pm and was immediately struck by the warm and friendly atmosphere. As the bar seats were all taken I was told it would be about 45 mins. So I wandered the neighborhood and returned.

    While waiting a bit longer had a glass of champagne and then got my seat. Appreciated the free sparkling water. The amuse bouche of grilled green peppers in a garlic yogurt really got my palette singing. Had the fish soup for a starter and the scallops for my main. Both were delicious. Then opted for the cheese plate (4 Euro extra) which was also great with a spicy quince chutney to accompany. Was too full for dessert.

    Will definitely recommend to anyone going to Paris and will be back on my next trip. An extra bonus for foodies like me – if you go upstairs to use the bathroom, that is where the kitchen is located and the door has a window so you can stop to watch them at work preparing the food.

    All in all a great end to my trip. Thank you Paris By Mouth for the great tip!

  3. Such a great restaurant. Small, but nice setting – they pull it off. Everyone was nice and spoke English. Would go there again my next trip to Paris.

  4. I guess they remodeled a bit. We were there for the first time last week and loved it. We met up with some friends who just happened to be in Paris at the same time and it was the perfect restaurant for that. Great wine list and fun food. My wife was raving about the chicken. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

  5. My husband and I had dinner there on Friday of Bastille Day weekend. The starters – salmon tartar and veal with tuna sauce, were huge, we could have shared just one and would have been enough. The salmon was very fresh and the rosy pink veal was thinnly sliced and very tasty. I would have liked aioli instead of the tuna sauce but it was still very good. We then had salmon and duck for our main courses. The duck was medium, just the way I like it with the skin, crisp and tasted pleasantly of the grill, the fat melted in the month. The salmon was just right and the salmon skin was to die for. I wished we could get that just by itself as a snack, it was habit forming. Not only was the food excellent, it is a price performer and we will definitely go back next time.

  6. I used to go to Paris 5 times per month with work, Fish was my Cheers. It is a place I could/can go to the bar, by myself, and always run into friends. Where everybody knew my name. I have never had a bad meal there and their Citrus Tart is the best I have ever had. Drew and his son are wonderful behind the bar, and Juan sure knows his wines. I will be traveling to Paris more frequently starting next month, and you can be sure, I will be pulling my stool up to the bar!

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