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Prodigal chefs return to cook with Passard

For two days in November, chef Alain Passard will be partnering for a series of meals with his former acolytes – chefs who worked for him at L’Arpège before moving on and gaining acclaim with their own restaurants. The list is impressive, and you’ll find the following chefs working together with Passard to create 100€ meals. >> Read More


The most divisive of the three-star restaurants, Arpège is a place you’ll either love or hate. I’m in the former camp, through I acknowledge a worrying amount of repetition in Alain Passard’s tasting menu and the fact that his acolytes (David Toutain, Bertrand Grébaut) are working similar magic for a fraction of the price. Before booking Arpège, ask yourself this: are you more likely to focus on the amount of pleasure that Passard can tease from an onion, or on the stratospheric markup of that ingredient? If you answered the latter, better to seek out caviar somewhere else. >> Read More