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Allard restaurant in Paris | Paris By Mouth

Chef Lisa Desforges is continuing the tradition of classic Burgundian dishes at this sepia toned bistro in Saint-Germain. Review coming soon.


41 Rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006
Open Wednesday-Monday for lunch & dinner
Closed Tuesday
Reservations online or at +33 1 43 26 48 23

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Coming soon…


Table à Découvert (2014) “La carte passe d’une région à l’autre, avec des plats de tradition, savoureux et évoquant la générosité.”

John Talbott (2013) “In other words, come for comfort food not a food experience.  So maybe one should for the carte but there’s no need for me to return for the “menu” which fell apart in mid-meal, just to have a great salad frisee and figs.”

L’Express (2013) “Jolie salade de frisée aux croûtons et gros lardons potelés, honnête saumon grillé à la sauce béarnaise, savarin au rhum et sa crème fouettée moelleusement tradi. Pour vous extirper d’un coup sec de ce flash-back dans la France de René Coty, Alain Ducasse a trouvé la solution miracle: une addition qui ne compte pas en anciens francs mais en euros. Et, l’air de rien, ça en fait, des euros.”

Patricia Wells (2013) “My salade de frisée (curly endive with cubes of bacon and croutons) arrived as an ignored orphan, without even a sprinkle of the classically vinegary dressing… Desserts have a way to go… both the fig and the blackberry tarts looked and tasted as though they had been made for a much earlier date, with under-cooked crust not worthy of a neophyte.”

Le Figaro (2013) “L’addition est franchement perchée et le rétro préformaté. Du coup, Paris n’est pas là. Comme si, Ducasse, cette fois, réveillait la belle endormie sans y mettre la langue.”


3 thoughts on “Allard”

  1. I would have rated Allard a 1 star but we did have 2 nice entrees before the main dish disaster began. We ordered roast chicken for 2 and a side of potatoes. We were warned that that the chicken dish was hot, which was probably unnecessary, as the chicken was so overcooked, as to be inedible. Indeed, we did not eat it. When the potatoes came a few minutes later no warning was given and I burned my fingers on the dish handle causing me to spend the rest of the evening soaking my fingers in ice water and not eating the 90€, overcooked chicken. The chicken should never been allowed to leave the kitchen. Any chef worth his/her toque should be able to cook roast chicken. In addition, the whole mess was handled poorly by the manager, who offered to discount the chicken by half. I was not sure which half of the chicken he thought was edible.

  2. I’ve loved Allard since visits in the 70’s, the bistro fare fondly remembered… The last time there, ten years ago (time flies!) I introduced my nephew to my favorite bistro. A great experience – well worth the reasonable prices. Now I see Alain Ducasse has taken over and I am saddened by the reviews. Well, there are so many other restaurants to try in Paris on my next trip.

  3. this restaurant is really two restaurants: the room in the back, and the room in the front, separated by the kitchen and bathroom. They provide completely different experiences. There is a room for foreigners, and people of a certain look, who get treated as an after thought to the people in the more convivial, and beautiful bistro setting in the room to the right of the kitchen. You will be judged and seated accordingly. Children’s table anyone?

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