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Benjamin Schmitt

Benjamin Schmitt restaurant in Paris

Benjamin Schmitt is becoming known for his cassoulet – a delicious crock full of creamy and richly flavored beans, nicely browned sausage and decadent duck confit. But aside from that one dish his menu is pretty modern, featuring dishes like licorice-flavored pork loin with anchovy-spiked Swiss chard. The space feels grown up, with deep blue banquettes and glazed tiles. Service is ultra-professional and the wine list is fun. This is a great option near Montmartre for modern & creative cuisine… plus one very traditional cassoulet. They also have a large table that can seat groups of ten.


41 rue Catherine de la Rochefoucauld, 75009
Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch & dinner
Closed Sunday & Monday
Reservations online or at +33 1 42 81 00 17

Their Instagram / Our Instagram



  • Michelin (2024) “In the heart of Pigalle, this eatery pays tribute to the land and those who work it. The youthful chef cultivates culinary eclecticism, seamlessly segueing from one style of cuisine to another and from traditional to modern. The enticing names of the dishes live up to their promise: duck, foie gras and pork pâté en croûte; veal breast confit with olives, aubergine and anchovies; strawberry and rhubarb pavlova… Sensibly priced lunch menu, tasting and à la carte menus in the evening.”
  • Emily Monaco (2024) “I’m of the opinion that cassoulet is much like pizza, in that even when it’s bad, it’s still cassoulet. But there was something truly excellent about this iteration, which managed to be flavorful and rich without ever being too salty or too fatty. The beans were each perfectly cooked and seasoned, studded with tiny cubes of white fat. The sausage was fine – perhaps a bit dry and less flavorful than some of the other bites – but the duck confit was exquisite. We told ourselves we’d pack up any leftovers to go… but friends, there were no leftovers.”


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