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Buvette Gastrothèque

Buvette restaurant in Paris

Buvette is a small plates restaurant in Pigalle from Jody Williams, who has another location in NYC. The appealing drinks menu includes artisanal cider, organic beer, a tight selection of wines, and pages of cocktail and apéritif options. Small plates range from 5-10€ and include plenty of vegetarian options (salads with fennel or beets, ratatouille, a croque with wild mushrooms and tangy cheese) alongside satisfying miniature versions of coq au vin, os à moelle, and hachis parmentier. Service is kind, the design is familiar but beautiful – all in all a great addition to the already booming neighborhood south of Pigalle.

28 Rue Henri Monnier, 75009
Open every day for breakfast/brunch, lunch & dinner
Reservations online or at +33 1 44 63 41 71



Sugared & Spiced (2014) “Within the past two months I have already visited this cozy little place three times, in love with its bustling vibe, delicious (and affordable) food, friendly service, and the fact that it’s open 7 days a week…

David Lebovitz (2013) “Since vegetables are rarely well-represented on Paris menus, it was nice to see some salads on offer at the bar. We ordered the brussels sprout salad that my dining companion sent back because he thought the oil was passée. But we kept the individual Hachis Parmentier, a meaty casserole topped with pureed potatoes. It had a tinge of star anise in the sauce, which added a vaguely exotic flavor, while still honing close to the classic.”

52 Martinis (2013) “What confounded me, yet again, was the service. We were the only two customers in the place, while six staff members did everything except give us a menu…It’s all rather odd because – again – the staff seemed pleasant, friendly, and interested in the products but just a little unmaliciously negligent and confused about their priorities.”

Table à Découvert (2013) “Je reste pourtant légèrement agacée de cette incohérence entre les contenants et leur contenu. Cela me laisse une impression de cuisine étriquée, de plats bien faits mais pas dans leur assiette. Dommage, c’est une cuisine généreuse en goût, mais la petitesse du contenants/contenu finit par l’emporter.”

Alexander Lobrano (2013) “The Croque Forestière–a Croque, or toasted bechamel and grated cheese topped sandwich, that followed was a big disappointment. It lacked the lush emollience of a really good croque–a fried egg might have helped, but there wasn’t one, and the bread was sliced too thick, the Forestière, or wild mushroom, filling had more texture than taste, and it was awkward to eat on a small plate.”

Paris Bouge (2013) “Dans les assiettes, vous trouverez donc, à Paris comme à New-York, des tartinettes de pesto et noix parmesan, des soupes du jour aux légumes de saison, des rillettes de canard, des fromages… Sans oublier le sucré avec des scones aux raisins, des croissants bretzels, des roulés à la cannelle, une mousse au chocolat démente, des gaufres toutes chaudes, des jus de fruits pressés à la minute, etc.”

Les Grands Ducs (2013) “Bref, une petite table de grignotage, sans plus, qui ne vaut sans doute pas tout le battage bobo qu’on en fait.”

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2013) “The Paris Buvette feels eerily – at times hilariously – like a New York restaurant aiming to sell quasi-French small plates to Americans….Other classics had lost something in translation, as in coq au vin and hachis parmentier, whose incarnations as Buvette were significantly less flavourful than the those one finds at most business lunch bistrots.”

2 thoughts on “Buvette Gastrothèque”

  1. Buvette is just up the street from my bake shop and I was thrilled to see some fellow NYC’s West Villagers moving in this rentrée. I haven’t been to the original NY resto but I love the look and feel of the Paris branch. It’s very industrial chic and to Aaron Ayscough’s point in the review above, it has a decidedly NY feel to it. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to it!

    We tried Buvette about two weeks after the opening and enjoyed observing the staff learn the ropes – they were mixing up cocktails at the bar to train the servers on how to make them when we came through. Everything we tried was delicious. I have been meat-free for several months now and there were plenty of items on the menu for me to choose from – so rare in Paris. Special mention to the leeks which were delicious and served with a smattering of crushed pistachios on top (why didn’t I ever think of that?) and the ratatouille on tartine (one of the best new dishes I’ve had in a Paris restaurant in a while).

    My only gripe is that they don’t take reservations – the night we dined there, we were seated at the bar just in front of the drafty door even though several tables were available. Our request to move down to a warmer spot was immediately granted though we found it hard to eat with all the bottles and other prepped fruits for cocktails hogging the space on the already crowded bar.

  2. Just wanted to say I really appreciate your website. Always good info and a great resource for our biannual trips to Paris. Thanks!

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