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Café des Musées

Beef bourguignon at cafe des musees bistro in Paris in the Marais | Paris by Mouth

Café des Musées has changed hands many times over the years, and as a result, quality has been highly variable. In its most recent iteration, Café des Musées is a more-than-serviceable bistro with a particularly notable beef bourguignon (22.50€). The meat is caramelized, slow-cooked for five hours until fork tender, and glazed in a rich red wine sauce. Escargots here come out of their shells and are served stuffed in mushroom caps, which soak up all that tasty herb and garlic butter (11.50€).

Unfortunately, the ups and downs in quality over the years seem to have alienated the locals. Anglophones may forget they’re in Paris, seeing as the dining room is usually monopolized by fellow visitors. But those looking for a classic, reasonably-priced bistro in the heart of Paris – one that’s open every day of the week – will be hard-pressed to find another like this one.


49 Rue de Turenne, 75003
Open every day for lunch & dinner
Reservations online or at +33 1 42 72 96 17


11 thoughts on “Café des Musées”

  1. We had a great meal; Beautifully presented, tasty french classics, really friendly staff and not expensive.
    The rabbit croustade was delicious.
    Only down point surrounded by tourists!

  2. This used to be one of my favorite restaurants and my one stand by for a great meal, but it changed owners and what a disappointment, from the all too bright lighting to mainly the food, which was mediocre, I ordered chicken which was under cooked and bland, I brought 3 people with me, every dish was tasteless, I will sadly never go back.

  3. Since this place was sold, cleaned up and re-opened this September, it has gone tragically downhill. This was my neighborhood joint, but no more.

    All my respects to the waitstaff, who have to put up with an owner who knows far less about the restaurant business than they do, and “cuistots” who were probably trained at McDo’s.

    I would strongly suggest PBM go back for another visit – Dr. Talbott’s review was fair warning. This is not the same restaurant it once was – only the name remains the same.

  4. Can’t say this was my favourite meal by any stretch of imagination. I went to this place since it was conveniently located in the neighborhood where I wanted to be. The service was rather random as was the food. Not on my list to retry.

  5. I remember reading somewhere that the restaurant is closed from 1-7 Jan but I can’t seem to find where I got this information from anymore. Can any one confirm if the restaurant will be on vacation on the same dates in 2013?

  6. Based on all the recommendations for Cafe des Musees, we decided to give it a try. I would say it ranks as one of the worst meals I’ve ever eaten out. We had chicken (tasteless) and the steak and frites (very mediocre, frites were blah). It’s very touristy and doesn’t feel at all like a typical French bistro. Go someplace else if you want a great meal in Paris.

  7. Just went on the recommendation from your site. My husband and I loved it. He had the cocotte poulet (next table saw it on our table and ordered it!) and I had the ribsteak frites-excellent. Staff was lovely and attentive. The place had a good energy. Exactly what one wants out of a Paris corner bistro. Authenticity, straightforward quality food and value. You guys know what your talking about.

  8. The menu is very simple, but everything was executed very well. We had the escargot with mushrooms, pork and steak. The sauces were uniformly excellent and everything was what you’d imagine a corner bistro to be. You can taste the difference and quality. It’s an exceptional little place.

  9. We recently dined there. Personally, I found the restaurant’s menu to be mediocre and ordinary. It reminded me of cheap eats where we went 40 years ago – on the rue Saint Benoit in Saint Germain. No reason to go back.

  10. Based on a friend’s recommendation, I took another friend here for his birthday during a trip to Paris. The food was great I had scallops and he had squab), and the service was even better. While opening my bottle of cider, the waiter managed to shower a nearby table and we all had a great laugh. It’s tiny, but well worth seeking out. We both still talk about Cafe des Musees and can’t wait to go back.

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