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Du Pain et Des Idées

Address: 34, rue Yves Toudic, 75010
Hours: Open Monday-Friday 6:45am-8pm. Closed Saturday & Sunday.
Telephone: +33 1 42 40 44 52

Christophe Vasseur’s breads are worth crossing town for, and many people do. Beyond the famous pain des amis, his viennoiseries are really something special. Croissants and pain au chocolat are reliable, but the various escargots always present a delicious dilemma. On a recent visit, both the pistache chocolat and citron amande made it into my bike basket. The chausson aux pommes is filled with pure, not-too-sweet apple, and is something of a revelation for those used to run-of-the-mill apple turnovers. Sample your sweets (or some of the savory breads sold from a basket near the register) at the picnic table outside or on a bench at the banks of the nearby Canal.

Du Pain et des Idées in Photos

In Other Words

Hipsters in Paris (2013) “It really is one of those dream Paris addresses that one (naïvely) expects to find on every street corner, with a goal to preserve time-honoured baking traditions and churn out exceptional product.”

Food Intelligence (2011) A video from Bruno Verjus profiling Vasseur’s products & philosophy.

Gilles Pudlowski (2011) “…il y aussi le pain au blé, celui au seigle ou aux châtaignes, issus de levain. Plus les jolies viennoiseries: pain au raisin, chausson aux pommes fraîches, palmier croustillant ou encore crumbles et – tartelettes aux fruits. Bref, une belle demeure avec son artisan hors norme…”

Barbra Austin (2010) “Formed by hand and given a slow rise, these are loaves with character…”

Croque-Camille (2010) “Yes, I’ve already written about Du Pain et des Idées, but that was before I became a regular…It is safe to say that I have by now sampled all their products…”

Meg Zimbeck for Budget Travel (2009) “Vasseur’s wildly popular pain des amis (friendship bread) makes me want to move to the neighborhood. Light but chewy, with a nutty fragrance and deliciously charred bottom—it’s one of the best I’ve ever tried.”

David Lebovitz (2008) “One of my absolute favorite bakeries in Paris…”

Clotilde Dusoulier (2008) Recommended in Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris.

Du Pain et des Idées in video

Anthony Bourdain’s Paris episode for “The Layover.” The segment on Du Pain et des Idées begins around the 49:50 mark.

3 thoughts on “Du Pain et Des Idées”

  1. This place is great – but with very limited opening times, and even when they are open, there always seems to be nothing left. There’s something almost unbearably snobbish too about a Boulangerie that wants to be a ‘local’ one but won’t open at weekends.

  2. I am so glad I found this place. The best bread and savoury pastries. One of the best pain au raisin Ihave ever eaten

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