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Full (un)Coverage of the 2011 Salon du Chocolat

There isn’t much in the way of free samples at the Salon du Chocolat. Buying a ticket permits little more than the opportunity to buy chocolate once inside. Which we did. Who could resist tasting the wares of so many talented chocolatiers gathered in one (strange) spot?

The best bite of the day, we all agreed, was the Tablette Atlantique from Franck Kestener. The dark chocolate squares, oozing with salty caramel and crunchy shortbread, were quickly devoured by a gang of Barbra Austin, Dorie Greenspan, Molly Wizenberg. I should have bought four more just to get me through the weekend.

The Salon isn’t entirely about shopping. It’s also about sex. Or at least it was in 2011, with the “baroque-burlesque” fashion show  featuring models strutting in chocolate lingerie. Here’s what we took away from the event:

The 2011 Salon du Chocolat fashion show

Our video documenting the all-chocolate lingerie show that featured not one but two prosthetic choco-butt pads…



Who Wore it Butt-er?

Vote for your favorite cocoa prosthesis – matte & classe or glossy & glam…




Chocolate & nipples: a Parisian pairing

Stay abreast of the latest trend in molded candies…




2 thoughts on “Full (un)Coverage of the 2011 Salon du Chocolat”

  1. Thanks for your report. It really is strange that the powers that be would schedule the Salon the same weekend as FIAC; tough to do it all.

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