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Patio at GrandCoeur restaurant in Paris | Paris by Mouth

A beautiful and expansive outdoor terrace tucked inside a hidden courtyard in the Marais, this is the Paris address of Mauro Colagreco, whose restaurant Mirazur was rated as the World’s Best in 2022. GrandCoeur offers a Mediterranean menu full of fresh fish, with a few vegetarian & carnivorous options. It’s open every day and is a good option for larger groups. Included among our 50 Favorite Restaurants in Paris.


41 Rue du Temple, 75004
Open every day for lunch and dinner
Reservations online or at +33 1 58 28 18 90

Their Instagram / Our Instagram



3 thoughts on “GrandCoeur”

  1. We had a wonderful dinner there in June 2022. The service was slow but the server was attentive and the meal was delicious. We plan go back when we visit again in September.

  2. Hi Joyce! I’m glad you shared your feedback, and I’m so sorry that you had such a negative experience. While I 100% believe you, I’ve never experienced anything like that there, and I have to base my recommendations on my own experience. I don’t want to make excuses for them (we have no relationship and there’s no reason for me to defend them), but I will say this: almost every restaurant in Paris is painfully understaffed right now. They’re all advertising around the clock on social media for kitchen and dining room staff. I also had a painfully long wait at a restaurant this week, and attribute it to staffing shortages. I know that doesn’t make up for a terrible dinner, but it might explain it a little. I hope your next meal is better!

  3. We dined there this evening in the covered patio. The experience was very unfortunate (at best). The service was indifferent and it took us 2 hours to be fed. We had the distinct impression that as Americans we were placed at the bottom of the list for decent service. While our server apologized (only after we complained at the inexplicable delay), there was no making up for the poor service. The food was simply not special enough to justify the delay. Do not keep this on your recommended list.

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