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Do travelers need the French health pass?

Since July 21, France has been requiring something called the pass sanitaire or health pass for entry into museums, cinemas, sporting events and other cultural venues. Since August 9, the pass sanitaire is required to enter restaurants and cafés – even their outdoor terraces – and to travel between cities on trains (the Paris subway is excluded from this requirement).

This “pass” is not actually a single item, and can be one of several things:

  1. Proof that a person has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19
  2. Proof that a person has already recovered from the virus having tested positive more than eleven days & less than six months ago
  3. Proof that a person has received a negative test result in the past 72 hours

The primary confusion concerning foreigners tourists traveling in France has been how to prove vaccination, because our many countries’ paper cards (including the CDC card issued in the United States) are not scannable using a QR code as French and other European vaccination cards are. There has been some question about whether museum employees or waiters would accept our paper cards or turn us away.

So, do you need a French health pass to enjoy your holiday in Paris, and can you even get one? The answer to both, at this moment, is probably not

The vast majority of museums and restaurants have been accepting foreign vaccine certificates (in their original version, not a photo or a copy) as proof of vaccine, when accompanied by a photo ID (passport strongly recommended). Are there exceptions? Yes. Because France has failed to issue an explicit policy that states foreign cards can be accepted as proof of vaccine, the decision is left to individual employees and managers who fear being slapped with a fine. The vast majority of our friends and readers (who are leaving comments here and on Facebook and Instagram) have been able to gain entry using their foreign vaccine passes, especially when they are the (seemingly more recognizable) American card from the CDC, but there are no guarantees. If you are told “no,” consider asking if there is another staff member who might recognize and accept your vaccination card. 

Continue reading below for details about applying for the pass sanitaire, and what to do if you don’t receive it. And please share your experiences if you think they would be helpful for other travelers – there’s an email form below and we’re continuing to compile and share our readers’ advice. We’re no longer able to respond to every question because we’re receiving many hundreds by email every day. But in the moments when we’re not out leading food tours we’re continuing to update this post to synthesize the latest information so we can all enjoy Paris this summer and fall. 

Reminder: you don’t need to show a health pass to join us for a food and wine tour!

The excellent shops we visit – for prize-winning croissants, luscious charcuterie, runny raw-milk cheeses, rich chocolates, stunning pastries and copious wine – are not required to check. Our groups are small & our guides are vaccinated. 

Can you get a pass sanitaire?

You may have heard about solutions for converting your foreign health pass into a French pass sanitaire. We have discussed these options a lot in this (much revised) post and on our social media.

Here’s where things stand right now: 

Since August 9 the official advice for travelers is to compile and submit a dossier by email (instructions in English here).

Our advice is to apply by email for the pass sanitaire – to do this carefully and as early as possible – and to be prepared that you may not receive it. We’ve summarized some tips gleaned from successful applicants below, and you can read more in the comments further down. The more you study the comments from readers, the better prepared you will be. 

Backup strategy #1: There are pharmacies in Paris who are converting foreign vaccination cards into the pass sanitaire for a fee. The most recent options are summarized below and addresses are being shared by our readers in the comments further down.

Backup strategy #2: The vast majority of museums and restaurants and trains are accepting foreign vaccination cards in place of the French pass sanitaire. Bring your original paper and a photo ID (passport highly recommended). There are examples from people who have been turned away – see the comments further down – but these are greatly outnumbered by examples from people who had success showing only their foreign vaccination card (the CDC card, for example). 

Backup strategy #3: A negative COVID test counts as a pass sanitaire for 72 hours. You can get tested before you board your international flight, and/or upon arrival in Paris. See more below. 

Applying by email for a pass sanitaire

There have been many questions (and answers, supplied by our wonderful readers) regarding this process. We’ve summarized some of them here, but there are hundreds of additional comments if you scroll down. 

  • Processing times are variable and, frankly, unpredictable. Some people have received a pass in 48 hours. Some people have submitted twice over 15 days and received nothing. 
  • There are different email addresses (Area 1, Area 2, Area 3) depending on what country you were vaccinated in. Processing times for Area 1 (the USA) seem to be the slowest, probably because they are receiving the greatest number of applications. 
  • The required formatting of the subject line is very specific, and if you fail to do this properly your application will probably not be processed. 
  • When you are asked to fill in “done at ______ (town/city) on ______ (date)” they are asking about where you are at the time of application and the date of your application, not about your vaccination. It’s a common declaration when signing French forms. 
  • When you are asked to state your “address in country of residence abroad” this is your address in France – where you will be staying – not your home address. A hotel address is fine. 
  • Some people receive an automated email upon submission to confirm receipt of application. Others have not received this automated reply but have still received their pass sanitaire. If you do not receive an automated reply upon submission that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t receive your pass. 
  • You can submit your documents as separate PDFs; you do not need to combine them into a single PDF. 

Using a pharmacy to convert your foreign vaccination card into a French pass sanitaire

Our readers have shared success stories in visiting the following Paris pharmacies this week and paying a small fee to convert their foreign health cards (the CDC card, for example) into a French pass sanitaire. We have not verified these and do not have any other sources (including outside Paris) beyond what is in the comments below. If you’ve had success doing this, let us know and we’ll share the details!

Using your foreign vaccination card with a photo ID

At restaurants: while a few people have been turned away from restaurants and cafés with only their paper CDC card, the vast majority of establishments are accepting the CDC paper card as proof of vaccination. In some cases, you may be dealing with staff who are unfamiliar with your paper, so be prepared to explain what it is. Consider asking (nicely!) to speak to another staff member if you are denied.

On trains: every single report from readers who have taken TGV (long-distance) trains has been positive – they are accepting the CDC vaccination card for those who don’t have a pass sanitaire. This is not official policy – just anecdotal evidence from ~10 readers. 

Renting cars: agencies seem not to be requiring a pass sanitaire in order to rent a car – at least according to 2 of our readers. 

Local transport: The pass sanitaire is not required on the Paris Métro (subway) or bus, or in taxis or Ubers. You’ll be required to wear a mask.

Domestic flights: We’re hearing mixed reports but mostly that the pass sanitaire is required for domestic flights. This presents a problem for those who boarded an international flight by showing their vaccination card / negative test, but do not have the pass sanitaire for a connecting flight (to Corsica, to Brittany, to the south of France…). In this case, our best advice (if you have not received your pass sanitaire) is to have a negative COVID test ready to present for your connecting flight (to get this the day or day before your board your international flight). A negative COVID test works as a pass sanitaire for 72 hours.Using a negative PCR or antigen test

As we said up top, one of the things that counts as a pass sanitaire is a negative COVID test (PCR or antigen). You can get this before you board your international flight, and you can get this when you land in Paris. Some pharmacies and labs are extremely busy and require appointments for testing, but there are so many hundreds of pharmacies in Paris that you’ll be able to find one. If you had success in doing this, let us know the details (where) and we will share them. We do not currently have any information about testing facilities at the airport.

In the past:

For a while, you could go in person to the vaccination at Hôtel de Ville and volunteers would help convert foreign passes into French health passes. Then they stopped. Then for a while could go in person to the hospital Hôtel Dieu and do the same. On August 9 they officially stopped. There is currently no place in Paris where you can officially / reliably go in person to convert your foreign vaccine card into a French health pass. A few pharmacies (see above) seem to be doing this at any given time but sometimes they stop. We’re trying to stay on top of it.

Some pharmacies and other sources are telling people to go to the U.S. Embassy to get a health pass – do not do this. The US Embassy cannot give you a pass sanitaire and you will spend hours trying without success.

*We expect that this information will continue to change and we’ll do our best to continue to share your successes and strategies with the larger community of travelers and foreign residents. Thanks so much to those who have already shared. Together we may just figure this out. 

Have a question or experience to share? Send us an email!



The email application

  • We are scheduled to travel to CDG on 11 September. I submitted the applications for my wife and I on 17 August. I received our QR codes today, 25 August. Thank you all for the helpful tips!
  • I am an American citizen who has resided in France since 2006. I hold a 10 year residency card. I was vaccinated in the US, receiving my first house in Florida and my second dose in California. I initially requested a Covid pass through the portal for French citizens vaccinated abroad based on A telephone recommendation my branch wife received from the issuing authority. My application was denied with a message saying that the procedure was only available for French citizens. I then sent an email to the address being used for US tourists visiting France explaining the previous response and including copies of my passport, French residency card, and Covid certificates. The email was not in the proper format and did not use the proper subject line. Nevertheless, three days after sending the message, I received my Covid pass. Based on that experience, my take away is that US citizens residing in France who were vaccinated in the US should use the tourist route to get there pass.
  • I sent an email to the Area 1 almost two weeks ago and still nothing. I arrived in Paris on 23rd and went to the Filles du Calvaire pharmacy and they easily converted my American vaccine card into the QR code. My husband (also a US citizen) arrives in France in one week from the Middle East and he has sent his application form to the Area 3 email and we are still waiting. We will be in Corsica so unsure if they will be taking the CDC card…
  • My husband and I got our QR codes this morning. I resubmitted 7 days ago correcting the address abroad in the application. We submitted in separated emails from different email addresses. The first time, August the 14th, I put my address in the USA, but then, reading this blog I realized I needed to put the addresses of the hotels and dates we are going to stay during our trip, so I resubmitted everything on new emails from different email addresses and got the confirmation emails. We are arriving on the 30th to Paris, be patient, it seems they send the codes around 4 days before your trip.
  • I submitted my application for the French health pass on Thursday, August 19. My wife and I are flying out of JFK on Friday, September 3. I formatted the email subject line according to their specifications of COUNTRY/LAST first/DDMMYY. I received both passes today, August 24. I sent both applications from my work email. Please note that they sent these to the originating email address, NOT the email I specified on the application. I stored the codes on my phone and also printed out hard copies.
  • I submitted my application on Saturday, August 21st and just received the pass today, the 24th. I didn’t receive a confirmation email upon submission like others reported here, so I was a little worried. I also didn’t provide my entry travel to France, only my departing flight information. Anyways, 3 days later I got the pass with the QR code.
  • Regarding the email application I sent out my application for two people using the same email on Aug 19 (Thur) and today (Aug 23, Mon) I got both certificates. Format could be crucial, check the address and the order of LAST NAME (UPPERCASE), first name in the title. I first submitted the applications last Tue with wrong address and names. Resubmitted last Thursday.
  • My partner and I are going to France (from America) on September 5th and just applied for the QR code today (8/23), we scheduled our emails to send at 9:00 am France time just in case it would help them not get lost in the flurry of weekend emails they likely received. I surprisingly got my pass 2 hours later! My partner still hasn’t received his but it was formatted the same way so we’re hoping it comes soon. As others have said, use the email subject format with the arrival date and send each item as separate pdfs. Neither of us received an email confirmation back which is contrary to a lot of experiences we’ve read on here.
  • This site helped me a lot regarding obtaining my Pass Sanitaire. I applied from Iran, emailed them three times, but noticed that the form had to be filled digitally. After sending them my documents again, I received my pass within three days. I filled the PDF form using Microsoft Edge. In the Address Section, I mentioned my address in Iran, after that I mentioned my hotel address in Paris (not home address). Every document was in a separate PDF file. Received the automated message. Sent an email to their « Help » and asked about my application but didn’t receive a reply from them. Received the QR code after 3 days. I guess the important part is the PDF form. They need to copy/paste your details so it should be digitally filled. I added the signature to the PDF form using my Surface Pro tablet and Microsoft Edge. I also entered my email in the small field which was editable in the PDF. I guess we should not make changes to the PDF file.
  • Submitted my dossier on Aug 15, arriving in France on Aug 22. I got an immediate acknowledgement of receipt of the application. I fell for the same address issue as others have noted do I changed the form to reflect my hotel and resubmitted on Aug 17. I subsequently noticed the changed email title format and resubmitted again Aug 17. I have had no further response from them. 
  • Original app for health pass 8/10, no joy, resubmitted 8/13, nothing, sent again on landing in Paris 8/16 and nothing but crickets. 8/19 we received health passes then on Friday 8/20 we received 2 mor sets of health passes (most likely from the subsequent applications. Bottom line is they are clearly trying to accommodate the pass requests but demand must be very high – a great sign that people are traveling again! As far as format – I had home address instead of addresse in Paris and we still received the passes! Hope this helps!

Pharmacies converting vaccination cards into pass sanitaire

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that as of 24th August the Pharmacie Les Filles du Calvaire certificate conversion route still works! Fyi my vaccine certificate is from Kenya (so this method should work for all EU-approved vaccines regardless of country). Like many others, I originally applied online (on the 18th Aug), got an automated response, but then heard nothing else. I arrived in France today (24th) and decided to try my luck with the pharmacy conversion route, as I’d seen info on here and Reddit that it might be a viable option. I was over the moon when it worked. They are very lovely, professional people over there at Pharmacie Les Filles du Calvaire. It costs €10 and if you’re not getting any luck from the official online channels I can highly recommend it.
  • Stayed off Boulevard St Germain and the hotel concierge recommended Pharmacie D’Assas on Rue De Rennes to convert CDC card. Since I didn’t receive a reply from the Email system after submitting on the 11th and again on the 18th with updated subject line, I needed to convert. The Pharmacie did it in 10 minutes at no charge and with a friendly smile. Easily converted from paper QR code to the TousAntiCovid app thereafter. Every museum, hotel and restaurant required for entry and it was a breeze. Bon voyage!
  • I was able to get my US vaccination card turned into a QR code in late July. I am American with a carte de sejour but all they wanted was the vaccination card and US passport. I did this at the Pharmacie d’Opera, which seemed to be the only pharmacie in Paris performing this service. The woman who does it speaks fluent English. The service is not performed if she has the day off. The day I went was after proff of vaccination was required for museums but before it was required for restaurants. I have no idea if she is still doing this or if the lines are too long to consider it. UPDATE (2 days later): She heard that this pharmacy is no longer willing to do it. 
  • From word of mouth, Pharmacie centrale martyrs (36 rue de martyrs) will convert your CDC card to a pass for 5 euros.
  • While in Paris, our CDC card worked everywhere. We are traveling elsewhere in France and wanted to convert our cards just in case. We were able to at: Pharmacie du Pont Louis Philippe at 26 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris Very easy and friendly people. We sent our info through the government site two weeks ago…still no response.
  • I arrived yesterday, Sunday 22. Tests were available everywhere I went in Paris until late in the evening. No where would convert my CDC card. Until today Monday 23rd, Fillles des Calvaire did it in 5 min for €10. There was other people there too having it done.
  • Because I read information in here daily I was finally able to get my French QR code, and I feel so liberated. I went to Pharmacie les Filles du Calvaire in the 11th. I got it on Saturday. There were three other Americans there. The cost was 10 euros and it’s well worth it. I’ve been in Paris since Aug. 12 and had applied for code through American embassy on the 11 and never heard back. I was able to use my CDC card wherever I went, this feels so much better to show the QR code.

Using a foreign vaccination card without a pass sanitaire

  • Hello, I just wanted to share my experiences in Paris for the last 2 weeks: Our CDC cards with our passports has gotten us into every single museum, site, and restaurant so far (we only have 1 more day here). This includes but is not limited to: the Eiffel Tower summit, a Seine River cruise, the Opera Garnier, the Louvre, the Utah Beach Museum in Normandy, the Catacombs, the Pantheon, Saint-Chapelle, Musée d’Orsay, Arc de Triomphe, Disneyland Paris, multiple chateaus in the Loire Valley, the Army museum (and Napoleon’s tomb), the Rodin Museum, Sacré-Cœur, Chateau de Vincennes, Chateau de Versailles, and the Conciergerie. Every single one of those took our CDC cards with smiling faces. The only issue we almost had was at an Asian restaurant where they didn’t recognize our cards and almost turned us away but shrugged it off in the end and went with it anyway. Hope that helps. 
  • We managed for several days in Provence with just our CDC cards and when we finally got to St Remy, we went into a small pharmacy and got our QR code in 5 min for 5 Euro each.
  • Just a quick note to let you know about my recent visit to Paris. I learned about your site in my research leading up to my family’s visit last week – my wife and I brought our 15 and 13 year old children to Paris for their first time. We did your Left Bank food tour on Tuesday morning with Stephen and it was INCREDIBLE. My kids both cite it as one of the highlights of our entire trip! In fact our son made us go back to the Boulangerie which Stephen took us to early the next morning! Given the updates you have been providing to people about Americans traveling in Paris, I thought I would share our experience with you, just as another data point. We read last week about the new option of submitting an application to receive a QR code for the Pass Sanitaire. I submitted my application and materials for both me and my wife last Tuesday, 10 August. Today is now Thursday 19 August at 5:40pm in Washington D.C., and I have still not received a response. I did receive their automated reply that they received my application. Because of that, and the reports we were reading of Americans who were getting turned down when showing their CDC cards, my wife and I went to a rapid testing center and received a negative covid test on Friday just before we arrived in Paris. We were in Paris from Friday evening through yesterday. Even with our negative COVID test (and QR code), we decided to test the system and show our CDC cards everywhere we went. We can report to you that we NEVER had a problem getting into any venue or restaurant with our CDC cards. We went to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Saint Chapelle, Catacombs, Galeries Lafayette and countless restaurants – zero problem showing our cards. So we never had to utilize the Pass Sanitaire. Hopefully that will be the experience of most Americans visiting in the short term. At any rate, we hope that is helpful – and thank you again for your advice, guidance and for the amazing food tour with Stephen. And by the way, we took your recommendation and ate Tuesday evening at Le Bon Georges, and it was definitely the best meal of our trip. Magnifique!
  • It’s been 12 days since we submitted documents to French embassy for converting US CDC card to French health pass. We got nothing back after initial instant reply confirming receipt of our documents. Having no time to sit and wait, we hit the road starting a 6-day road trip by car to Bordeaux, Sarlat, Toulouse and Collioure, CDC card worked like a charm accepted at every place we went hotels, restaurants, museum, church, bus tour, etc. We were not rejected once. The only place we haven’t tried is TGV train ride.
  • Just arrived in CDG today (Aug 24) from Zurich on Air France. One of us had a health pass. I did not receive one (though I sent all my documents in a separate email at the same time a week ago). To checkin at ZRH, I showed my passport and CDC card. And it was fine. Went to a restaurant in Paris and they asked for our health passes. Perhaps it made my CDC card more credible to 1) present my daughter’s health pass QR code first and 2) I clipped my CDC card to my passport so they could see my photo ID. Galeries Lafayette (women’s) were blocking the entrance to check everyone. They took my CDC card. No one was checking at the men’s or food Galeries Lafayette stores. I don’t want to bother to hunt down a pharmacy to get tested and at this point, I have little hope of receiving a QR code from AREA1 by email. I’m just going to try to go to museums including the Louvre. And I’ll report back on how it goes ….thank you to the person who mentioned that it was possible to get into the Marmottan with his CDC card. Also in response to question about where to get tested at CDG terminal 2, I arrived at 2F this afternoon and there is a large area marked for Covid testing by baggage claim 26. But it was entirely empty before 5pm. No one in sight. Just empty makeshift cubicles. and it didn’t look as if it had been open for awhile.
  • My partner and I have been in France since July 28 and will remain in France for 2 months. We are Americans. We sent in the application to convert our CDC cards to Passe Sanitaire on Aug 12 and received the automatic response. As of Aug 23 we have not received a QR code or denial of our application. We are on the Cote d’Azure and have not yet had an issue with using our CDC card instead of the Passe Sanitaire at restaurants, museum and the gym. Nonetheless it would be nice to have the QR code so we have the certainty of not being turned away.
  • So, we were just in Paris this past weekend… my wife and I both applied for the Health Pass by email; I got mine with in 12 hours, as of today, however, my wife still hasn’t received hers. Anyway, we got the TGV from Germany to Paris, and as we’re crossing the border, the Train Announcer says once we cross the border, anyone without a health pass will be fined 135 Euros… Well, thankfully this didn’t happen; no-one checked, all the way to Paris. Once in Paris, no-one checked us for that Friday night in any bar of café we visited in the 6th, by Odeon. The next morning, however, my wife had to take an antigen test at the Eiffel Tower, just to get near the entrance… they didn’t accept her CDC card, so we paid the 30 Euros and got her a pass for 72 hours. (by the way, no-one cares about social distancing in Paris) for the rest of our time in Paris, we were checked everywhere we went, Cafes, Restaurants, Sacre Coeur, all the big tourist attractions; pretty much everywhere. Didn’t see any police checking people for the health pass, so any videos you’ll see on social media were probably of a one off. Anyways, there are lots of testing sites all over the city to get you the antigen test if you need it. You’d just need to give them your passport and download an app to your phone from the French Health Ministry to register for the test. The 72 hour pass, or proof of a negative test with a QR code gets to your phone about 10 minutes after the test is taken.
  • For those concerned about covid pass, I wouldn’t worry. I’ve been using the California vaccine QR code and I’ve never had an issue. Scanning it does result in an error. However, I just explain to them that “I am not French, therefore I don’t have the French QR code, but I have this equivalent in my country. Here, you can see that I’ve had both doses of my vaccine.” I’ve never ran into an issue. I’ve traveled by trains (they actually didn’t even check it), went into restaurants, museums, and never been denied entry. My sense is that the French business owners / employees don\’t like this new mandate very much either, and it’s a burden for them to check it, so they want to be as relaxed about it as they can. Re: the covid pass, I submitted my application to the official email 1.5 wks ago, and finally got my pass (resubmitted 3 days ago, correcting my address from my US address to France addr based on advice from this site–thank you! and got it. Use your France address!!!) But given that I’ve never had trouble with my California vaccine QR code, I would advise future travelers to do try and get the official QR code, but do not worry so much if it takes a long time to process. You’ll be okay in the interim.
  • We have done everything we have wanted to do without any issues with CDC Cards until the passes arrived. They do prefer the pass.


The email application

  • Thanks for the suggestions on the site. My sister and I are travelling to France from Canada on 21 August. We applied for our pass on 11 August, but other than the automated reply confirming receipt of our documents, we have not received any other communication. Anxiously awaiting a response at the moment as our vaccination receipts are formatted quite differently from the CDC card and we\’re unsure if they will be recognized. UPDATE: We both received our health passes on the morning of 18 August, a week after our initial submission. We did send an updated application with our hotel address on the night of 17 August, as originally we had entered our residential address in Canada — not sure if that made the difference. For those who are trying to book PCR tests for the flight home, I found a mobile testing centre that states there are no charges nor appointments required. It seems too good to be true, but apparently, these mobile test sites are set up in a few stations? Is anyone able to confirm? This would save us a lot of money. Thanks!
  • Hi all. We are arriving in Paris on Wednesday 8/25. Submitted our application this Wednesday 8/18. One pdf with all documents. Both sides of vaccine card. For residence we put our US residence not our hotel in France. All in one PDF. Didn’t receive a confirmation email. Both my husband and I received our certificates today within minutes of each other (8/20). Didn’t follow up. Just waited. Hope this helps and good luck!
  • Format is CRUCIAL, and make sure it’s exactly how it’s laid out in the example. Every single document I sent was a separate PDF. I filled out the application digitally. Redownload in word or google docs and fill it out that way, then re-save as a PDF for the email. That way all your personal information is correctly displayed and easy to read. Also signed digitally and it was accepted. FYI on the application form it asks “done at…” this is regarding when you signed the document, not when you’re tests were administered! I first submitted last week with the OLD email format. Resubmitted this Sunday with the above updates, and received the QR code today (Tuesday). Read through ALL the tips on this page! It’s all super helpful advice and should put your mind at ease.
  • First, I want to thank you and your readers for providing literally the only source of reliable information about how to convert a CDC card to a pass sanitaire. I’d like to share my experience in the hope that it will help others. I originally submitted my application on August 9. After receiving the automatic “we have received your application” response, but hearing nothing else for more than a week, I anxiously looked for assistance. I noticed one of your readers said the “address of residence abroad” section is supposed to be your address in Paris, not in the United States. I had filled this out wrong, initially providing my U.S. address. On August 18, I re-submitted my application, providing the address of my hotel instead. I noted in the body of the email that this application corrected an error in my previous application. I also included my return flight ticket, which I had not done before. (My plans take me by plane to Paris, by train to London, and by plane back to the United States. I initially provided only my plane ticket to Paris and my train ticket to London.) In 2 days, on August 20, I received my pass sanitaire. In response to some of the questions others have posed: Can I get a pass sanitaire even if I am not traveling until September? YES. We got ours 2.5 weeks in advance of our September arrival date. There’s a lot of misinformation about this, with some French authorities telling Americans who are traveling in September not to apply yet. Don’t listen to them. Can I get a pass sanitaire even if my return flight departs from another country? YES. I submitted (as one pdf) my outbound ticket to Paris, train ticket to London, and inbound ticket to the USA. Can I submit two applications using the same email address? YES. I submitted applications for my partner and I from my email address. I received both passes within 30 minutes of one another. As long as the application emails are separate (with the appropriate subject lines), you should be fine. How long does the application process take? My corrected application was approved 2 days after I submitted it. Based on other anecdotal reports, this seems about average. If your application takes longer than this, I’d carefully review your application and this site to see if you’ve submitted anything wrong. Nobody told me anything was wrong with my application; I had to figure it out for myself.
  • I just wanted to share that I can attest to the accuracy of the latest posts published on this page. I am French and had no problem obtaining my Pass Sanitaire very quickly, but my fiancé is American and it required a bit more. We submitted our first request on 08/12 with one PDF file including all documents, and w/ the “address abroad” as the address of residence in the US. We did not hear back, so on 08/18, we submitted a correction email using the formatted title and “(Correction” in the title of the email. We sent one PDF per document, and changed the request form with the “address abroad” to reflect the hotel address while in France. My fiancé received his QR Code 48 hours later, on 08/20. It looks like the process has been streamlined and things are working! We will be traveling in 2 weeks.
  • In filling out the application, it seems the box to fill in your email showed a very tiny font. I filled out the application then handwrote the email again and physically signed the form I then scanned the form and added it to all of the attachments and set them off. I did receive the acknowledgement email the next day. My partner submitted hers a few days formatted the same way, but has yet to hear back. Thanks
  • I finally received my pass after a week. It should be noted that I believe I received mine after I resubmitted with their new subject requirements because my maiden name was included on that submission and is on my pass.
  • To the person landing on the 30th at CDG. I land there on Thursday so will try and provide an update. The testing centre is in Terminal 2E which is where my flight from Atlanta lands. I see no reason *crosses fingers* why you should have a problem. Hopefully by the time you travel the French government have the system working a little better than it is now. I have already booked our tests throught DocLib
  • There appears to be much confusion around the HEALTH PASS application requirement of: “Address – In Country of Residence Abroad”. If I live in the US (abroad vs. in France) and am a US resident does this address not represent my US resident address? Somebody on your site stated this should be your (hotel) address in France. Any direction would be so very much appreciated. Thank you. [it’s your address in France; hotel is fine]
  • Thank you so much for all the information being shared on this site! I am traveling to Paris on 8/19, and submitted my request on 8/10, getting an automated reply a few hours later. After 3 days with no pass, I checked my application again and saw that I had incorrectly read one of the questions (I put my home address in the States instead of the Paris address I am staying at for “Address – In Country of Residence Abroad”- what I get when I do the application at 1am in the morning!) I resubmitted keeping the subject line the same on 8/13 and put in the email that I was correcting my application due to an error. I did not get an automated reply back. Just got an email on 8/17 at 7am PST with my pass! I included my information as 5 different attachments (PDFs for me were smaller in size instead of JPEGS/PDF mix). I wasn’t sure what to include as my “return ticket” – I am traveling to Croatia next after France through Switzerland and then flying home in December out of Germany – so I included both of those flights, and that worked as my “return ticket”. Just an FYI for those wondering about what info to include/what format worked for me.
  • I submitted for a health pass using my US CDC card on 8/10, 7:44pm pst. I landed in France 8/12 and it is now 8/17, seven days later with no health pass. To answer a a few questions I see here. The US QR code definitely does not work here. It’s useless. The white US CDC card is still accepted in many places but often reluctantly. I’ve only had one refusal so far. Pharmacies will not convert US CDC card into a health pass for you Only SOME pharmacies will administer a covid test. It really helps if you speak French or someone in your group does, so you can get the details of what they really offer Covid test gives you a QR code valid for 48-72 hours. The EUrail site says they require a test that is taken no more than 48 hours before boarding. About half the tests I’ve gotten have been delayed. One showed up 40 hours after taking the test which made it useless for rail travel Tests cost money, they are no longer free for non French citizens. It’s 30.01 euro for the quick test. More for PCR. There is confusion about which is required. I’ve found that quick tests is very commonly accepted. Be aware that finding a test can be quite difficult, especially on sundays. … anyway, it’s been seven days since I submitted my request for health pass. Ultimately the painful part for me (in Lyon) was finding covid test sites. There doesn’t seem to be any good way to find open and available test sites. Cold calling local pharmacies seems to be the best way. If you like to travel with little down time, you may find the covid test requirements to be disruptive to your schedule. You may need to cancel some plans in order to make time to find and get tests. It is by no means available easily and conveniently as you travel.
  • I (Indian citizen) have been in France for 3 months now and had gotten vaccinated in India. I have a long stay visa and so no return tickets. I still sent in my request to convert my Indian certificate to pass sanitaire to the tourist email ID (area3) on Aug 10, explaining my situation, along with the visa. I finally got the Pass today exactly 7 days after the request! I had sent in follow up requests, but no response. Finally tweeted about this and the Minister Lemoyne contacted me by PM and gave another email ID to which to send the request to as the other ones were saturated. And after 24hrs, I got my pass (in the email I sent to area3 ID). Very relieved!. Thank you for this website as it was helping me keep updated about others in the same boat. Try not to panic, and wait it out, They are working hard to get it out with the flood of requests.
  • I submitted my information to the American email address provided to change my CDC (Moderna) card to the French QR passe the day of my arrival in France on Aug 12th. Today is the 17th and I have received nothing other than the confirmation email minutes after my submission. I am about to send it all in again using the new subject format (with arrival date) and using a PDF for EACH document rather than 1 grouped PDF. To be Continued. Oh.. And I\’m also going to have the COVID test at my local pharmacy because I have meetings (in restaurants) Weds and Thursday. UGH. Penible.
  • Does anyone who submitted the application after august 14h has received the certificate yet? I sent the e-mail Friday and only got the automated reply.
  • I saw some people asking about needing the pass to travel on Air France. I successfully flew from Paris to Nice on AirFrance a few days ago and nobody asked to see my QR code (I had to take a negative test to get a temporary one since I’m still waiting for a response from the conversion email). I had my CDC card in my passport and that seemed to be good enough for them – nobody questioned it. If anyone is traveling to the South, it may be helpful for people to know it doesn’t seem like places are checking codes at all here. I haven’t been asked for proof once. Also, on that note, has anyone successfully found a pharmacy in the south (I’m based in Antibes but willing to hop on a train to get this done) that’s willing to convert their cards?
  • My wife and I, both Canadian citizens vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna, respectively, (not mixed) applied for the health pass last Tuesday. This Tuesday morning, 7 days later, we both received our health passes. Our travel date is Sept 25th. My advice is to send all applications as separate emails, but use the same email address. We got our passes emailed back in the same email.
  • I am a US citizen who was in France from Aug. 9th to 14th. I went to Hotel Dieu on the 9th and was told they are no longer converting the CDC card into the pass sanitaire. I went to the areas Covid Centre (St. Germain des Pres), which was closed. It suggested that I try the pharmacy at L’Opera, which I was told would do this for 20 euro per person. I did not do that, because I had no trouble anywhere with my original CDC card and passport. I visited these museums: d’Orsay, l’Orangerie, Monet-Marmottan, and Ste. Chapelle. Every restaurant took these without difficulty, and I boarded a train to Brussels with these documents without difficulty.
  • For all of you who are frantically searching the internet for any information regarding the need to have the QR code/French Health Pass to travel on Air France domestic flights in France: YES, you absolutely do need to have it in order to get on a plane to travel within France, Air France said they are being very strict with it. I have spent countless hours trying to find the answer and finally got it. Also I submitted my application for my pass on Aug 10 and just received today Aug 17 . I canceled and rebooked my trip in order to receive before leaving. Good luck everyone!
  • My daughter and i are traveling to Paris next week. Yesterday (August 16) I emailed her application, CDC card, passport and flights and mine in 2 separate emails (per instructions) to get QR codes. I received hers in a matter of 20 minutes. For whatever reason, I have not received mine…I wonder whether to try the VaxYes for myself. [We have heard zero positive reports of VaxYes working. It should be renamed VaxNo.]
  • This site is great source of information- I hope the following is helpful. This morning (US West Coast, August 16) I sent in my application and the required documents each as a separate attachment. I did not get a acknowledgment of receipt (which was worrisome) but in less than an hour I got the Covid certificate! ( and am not going until September). I sent in my husband’s documents from my email account separately with same format and got an acknowledgment but not the quick return of certificate. I suggest that applicants use their individual email account to submit (the same account that you list in the application) as that may help response times.
  • Hello, I thought I’d send along this email from the “Help” email address for the French “Covid Pass Help” auto reply I received yesterday. I had sent an email to It answers a couple questions I saw on the message board. Dear Sir or Madam, Please take a look at the answers to the most frequently asked questions listed below. We are currently receiving a large number of requests. We are doing our very best to process them and cannot tell you when your request will be processed. If you are traveling to France after August 31rst, please send us your request at a later date. Please note : A negative result of an antigen test taken at a pharmacy, available all over France, grants the user a health pass that is valid for three days (72 hours). -Our system delivers only one acknowledgement of receipt when several emails come from the same email address. Please do not send your email again. -An electronic travel reservation/itinerary is a valid ticket. -If you stay a long time on the French territory, the return ticket is not mandatory. Please mention your situation in the application email. -You can send your application if you have obtained two doses of vaccine in two different countries (in the case of vaccines recognized by the French authorities). Vaccination schemes including two vaccines are allowed (example: first dose Pfizer, second dose Moderna). Only the vaccines are taken into account and not the proof of recovery. -If you have been vaccinated in France and have a question about your QR code or your vaccination schedule: contact your vaccination center. – If you are a foreign national living in France and vaccinated abroad outside the EU, you can send us your request. -If you are the spouse or beneficiary of a French citizen. See the procedure for French nationals abroad. – If you are a student/researcher/language assistant arriving in France, you can submit an application to the following address: In addition to the application form, passport, vaccination certificate and one-way ticket (a return ticket is not mandatory), the following documents must be attached to your application. For students: admission certificate issued by the French university / for researchers: research residence agreement or work contract from the laboratory / for language assistants: appointment order. For any other information check here.  
  • Thanks so much for keeping this updated. My wife and I each sent an emails on Tuesday 8/10 around 3pm with the required documents. Subject line was in the old format without the arrival date, we are arriving to Paris on 8/21. After submitting we received the standard confirmation email just a few minutes afterwards. We both received our passes around 9am on 8/13. It\’s worth noting we applied to the Area 1 email for American Nationals. My wife is a non-US citizen, but a permanent resident, so in addition to her Foreign passport and Schengen Visa we included a copy of her US green card, no additional questions were asked.
  • I am a Master’s student in France but have been vaccinated in my home country (India) with a French-recognized vaccine. I don’t have a return ticket! Does anyone have the email ID that I need to contact? I already emailed them with the documents mentioned + my enrollment certificate, but I’ve only received an automated reply that they have a lot of applications to process!
  • On the Health pass application it says address in country abroad. Does that mean my hotel address or my home address in the United States. Maybe a daft question but I wanted to make 100% Sure. Can someone tell me who has successfully gotten their pass?
  • For successfully getting a passe sanitaire did you attach each document separately or did you put all documents in a PDF and then attach the application? I added the documents requested in 1 PDF and attached a separate application. I have not heard back in 24hrs. I’m just wondering if anyone was successful with having all documents in 1 pdf. Thanks! [most people are attaching separate PDFs]
  • I am from the US. I applied on august 13th I received the certificate today august 16th I am wondering now because this is an EU digital covid vaccine certification can i use it to travel to EU countries and even outside the EU where the proof of vaccination is required instead of that CDC vaccine card ? [yes]
  • Thanks for the suggestions on the site. My sister and I are travelling to France from Canada on 21 August. We applied for our pass on 11 August, but other than the automated reply confirming receipt of our documents, we have not received any other communication. Anxiously awaiting a response at the moment as our vaccination receipts are formatted quite differently from the CDC card and we’re unsure if they will be recognized.
  • I applied by email on Aug 12 and have yet to receive a response as of Aug 16. The first pharmacie i went to on Aug 16 issued me a QR code with no issue for 10euros.
  • Three of us submitted on the 10th. One got it in 4 hours but two of us haven’t received our pass yet. Don’t know if this matters but the one who got it quickly had Moderna while we both have Pfizer. Anyway still waiting. That said, my CDC card has worked everywhere. Some small restaurants seem a bit scared/unsure what to do but then usually just say American pass ok.
  • We sent emails on 8/10 and only received a confirmation for one of them. They were both formatted the same. Based on other comments here, we will resubmit the non-confirmation email from another account. Thanks for all of the comments, this has been very helpful!
  • Hello there! Thanks for keeping us so updating with this wealth of information! I’m curious if you have heard of any positive responses/QR codes issued since Friday 8/13? I submitted Tuesday 8/10 at 7:45pm EST with old format email subject. I resubmitted Friday morning 8/13 with updated subject line including date of arrival (8/15) and still have heard nothing back. I am anxiously awaiting!!!!
  • We just arrived in Paris yesterday (from USA) 8/16/2021. We applied for the French Health Pass 8/10, 8/14 then again on arrival 8/16 and still no word except “we have receive many requests for the health pass and we are working through them”! We appreciate the French government has many requests especially after pent up demand for travel as France has always a favorite tourist destination. We have booked train travel from Paris to Marseille day after tomorrow and we are now faced with having to get COVID testing prior to boarding even though we are fully vaccinated with the appropriate credentials! We hope they can sort out this process quickly! [trains all seem to be accepting the foreign vaccination passes without any problems]

Using a foreign vaccination card without a pass sanitaire

  • We wasted a lot of time trying to register our US CDC vaccination cards in the French system. Totally useless. The American cardsare accepted everywhere we went (10 museums, TGV, restaurants, commercial centers).
  • I traveled to France on August 10-21 with visits in the mid- Pyrenees, Bordeaux and Paris. My husband submitted our information on August 9th and resubmitted our info on Aug 12th. We received an email on August 10th that our information was being processed and not to email again. On our second email, again we were told that they were working on our request. Just returned home last night and still no QR code. Our CDC card worked in the Pyrenees but often the hotel and restaurants there weren\’t enforcing the code. In Bordeaux, the hotel and restaurants did check but accepted the CDC card. I was worried about getting into Paris restaurants on the last few days of our trip so we stopped on the drive from Bordeaux to Paris at a small town pharmacy in Poitiers to get a rapid antigen test. We were given a physical paper with the QR code and received an email code that we scanned and added to our Anticovid app. This worked beautifully, as we then used the app to have our QR code scanned at all restaurants, museums, etc. I would highly recommend getting the QR code as we heard issues from the Delta flight crew that they were rejected at several restaurants in Paris with only their CDC cards. The French QR code from a rapid antigen test is good for 72 hours which we timed so it would serve as our return home test. The US State Department now allows the return test to be within 3 days instead of a strict 72 hours. This is a change from our trip to Costa Rica in May where the return test absolutely had to fall within 72 hours of your scheduled return flight time. This change gives you some latitude in the timing of your test. Ours was done at approximately 77 hours prior to return flight.
  • My wife and I arrive in Paris CDG airport yesterday, We were checked to see if we had the Pass while on line for the TGV train to Avignon and just showed our CDC cards and were fine. Once on board, armed national police checked every passenger for their Pass Sanitaire and we just showed our CDC cards, he looked them over carefully and we were again fine. Once again we were asked for our Pass at our hotel and just showed our CDC cards, and once again all was fine. At some point we will try to get a Pass, but so far so good.
  • We finally received our Pass Sanitaire! So basically it took nearly 10 days. I will say we have not had one issue showing our CDC cards everywhere we have gone. Most ever locale has a sign about the pass and mentions that vaccine certificates work as well. I just made sure to point out that ours was American, told them the date of my second vaccine & said “Pfizer” and they were satisfied! So no visitors should worry!

Pharmacies who might convert a CDC card to a pass sanitaire

  • My husband and I arrived in Paris last night. We had submitted our paperwork a few days prior but never received a qr code email. Went to Pharmacie Les Filles du Calvaire as suggested below and the pharmacist easily and quickly converted to a QR code EU vaccine cert. 10 euro per person. Yaya!
  • The Pharmacie les Filles du Calvaire at 2 Bd des Filles du Calvaire converted our CDC cards into pass sanitaire easily on Thursday the 19th. We submitted our documents to the government on August 15th, but still have not received the pass. We got tired of waiting and went to find that pharmacie instead.
  • Pharmacie les filles du calvaire
  • I actually just managed to do it easily at Pharmacie les Filles du Calvaire, 2 Bd des Filles du Calvaire It was 10 euros, they clearly knew how to do it and there were others waiting to get theirs done. This was Monday 16th August – it took 5 minutes and they were super sweet.


The email application

  • Today we got an automated reply from that answers some additional questions. Taken directly from their email: -If you are traveling to France after August 31rst, please send us your request at a later date. -Our system delivers only one acknowledgement of receipt when several emails come from the same email address. Please do not send your email again. -An electronic travel reservation/itinerary is a valid ticket. -If you stay a long time on the French territory, the return ticket is not mandatory. Please mention your situation in the application email. -You can send your application if you have obtained two doses of vaccine in two different countries (in the case of vaccines recognized by the French authorities). Vaccination schemes including two vaccines are allowed (example: first dose Pfizer, second dose Moderna). Only the vaccines are taken into account and not the proof of recovery. – If you are a student/researcher/language assistant arriving in France, you can submit an application to the following address: In addition to the application form, passport, vaccination certificate and one-way ticket (a return ticket is not mandatory), the following documents must be attached to your application. For students: admission certificate issued by the French university / for researchers: research residence agreement or work contract from the laboratory / for language assistants: appointment order.
  • This site has been extremely helpful. We are Americans in Paris right now and saw the post with the link on how to convert US vaccine card to a QR code. We sent it in with all of our information on August 9th and hadn’t heard anything back. So yesterday August 14th, we resent the email and added at the end of the subject line “resent- no response” after name in subject. We then received an automated reply saying that they have already received our info, they are experiencing a high volume of emails and not to resend an email. Well for us, resending an email with the new addition to the subject line got us our QR code’s today!
  • Hello, I just thought I would update you. I submitted my paperwork on August 10th and got the automated response. By Friday I still had not heard anything and found out they had changed how they wanted you to write to the subject line of your email. I resubmitted with the new subject line and I have heard nothing- no automated response. I reached out to the French embassy because I am frustrated and leave the US for France on the 17th. There seems to be no way to contact and get any sort of information regarding your submission- did you do something wrong and don’t know? I am hoping for a response soon because I would prefer to not have to test constantly. I will if I have to though.
  • My husband and I submitted our forms and dossiers on Tuesday 10 August, one day after the system went live. The next day, we each received confirmation of receipt of information, with instructions to not resubmit or send questions to that email address, because we would overwhelm the system. Since we’re not arriving in France until the 1st of September, and since the date of arrival is one of the key pieces of information that you must include in the subject line, our assumption is that they are processing the applications according to arrival date.
  • This site has been a life saver! I tried to book a tour and you are all booked up. 🙁 I submitted my information on the 10th and got an auto-response saying they got it and would be in touch. (And not to re-send.) Nothing yet. My mother submitted a little later and did not get a confirmation. She re-sent today with the updated requirements – i.e. adding arrival date. No news yet. We are to arrive early on the 17th. I am getting concerned.
  • My wife & I applied for the health pass via the French e-mail address on 8/10, just before departing the US to Paris. As of Sunday AM 8/15, they have not emailed our QR codes. We arrived in Orly via Lisbon and were not asked for proof of vaccination at Orly. We did have to fill in a document on the plane to Orly stating where we would be staying. This was collected by the flight attendants. We took the train to Bordeaux from Montparnasse on 8/12, and were able to board by showing our CDC card. Same with restaurants. In Bordeaux we found a pharmacy (Pharmacie des grands Hommes) that converted our CDC card to the French Health Pass, giving us paper copies that we could scan into the Health Pass App. (Perhaps this is why we have not received a response to our email application.) We have used this at all restaurants and trains since. We did not need to show it on the regional train to/from Lourdes, but we did have to show it to go from Bordeaux back to Paris. In Paris we were able to take the Antibody Test required for reentry to the US at a pharmacy in the Latin Quarter (Pharmacie Bader on Blvd St. Michel). No appointment was necessary. The test is 29 Euros for non-French citizens. Results were available in 15 min. Every restaurant has asked us to show proof of vaccination.
  • I filed for the pass on August 10th. Got the Pass approximately 72hrs later. My wife filed just one hour behind me and still has not received the pass. My two children applied for the pass on August 11 and still have not received their passes.
  • Wondering if there have been updates to those who’ve posted below regarding waiting for their passes, and if they’ve gotten them yet? Hoping to hear some good news! I just resubmitted mine to correct a couple of errors so hoping that will help maybe get me a code. Any of friendly pharmacies in the city that do the tests would be great to know too.
  • I (US Citizen) sent email to convert CDC Vaccination card to health pass on 08/11 and received an automated reply within a minute. I have been waiting 3 days and no QR code yet. So I resent the application again today 08/14 and received automated reply within a minute with the following message. So it appears they have a huge backlog and working through it. Dear Sir or Madam, We inform you that we are currently receiving a very large number of requests. We are doing our very best to process them. Please do not send your email again. A negative result of an antigen test taken at a pharmacy, available all over France, grants the user a health pass that is valid for three days (72 hours).
  • Had a flight for Aug 12 which included a deomestic Air France flight. I sent the paperwork in to get the pass on morning of Aug 10. It is now aug 15 and I have had no reply. I resent a couple days ago just to see if that would help but nope. I canceled my flights and am leaving again Aug 18…..hoping I get code. Does anyone have any information about traveling on a domestic flight on Air France and if they will let me on with CDC card? Air France sent me an email saying the pass is required so am worried I won’t be able to board , but I would love to know if anyone has gotten on without pass? Thanks for your great information online
  • Not American, but I submitted my documents and was worried about the return date – I’m doing my Master’s and do not have a concrete return date in mind. Nonetheless, I put an arbitrary date (roughly a year) and added a note that it was to be confirmed (and that I was a student). They eventually replied, redirecting me to the students-specific email address instead. This time, they also needed a certificate of enrolment from my university. No updates since; keeping my fingers crossed!
  • My wife and I (US) sent an email for the COVID Certificate on 8/11. We received an automated reply within a few minutes saying the email was received. After 48 hours we had no response so we updated the subject line and resent the email referencing our prior message. Within 15 minutes we received our COVID Certificates! The follow up email was sent around 4:30pm. I want to thank this website for all the great information and experiences.
  • My wife and I arrived on the 8/10, applied at 11pm that evening. Received automated response that they’ll get back to us. Still no word. I triple checked our submissions, and they align with what was required. At CDG for our domestic connection BOD, the rule had come into effect when we landed at 6am on 8/10. They were fine with CDC card to board, and only said they required the health pass for travel to Greece/Spain.
  • Been in France since August 9. Submitted the application on the 10th with the old format and on the 13th in the am with the new format. Only received a confirmation email the first time. Still have not received the pass.
  • This site has been a life saver! I tried to book a tour and you are all booked up. 🙁 I submitted my information on the 10th and got an auto-response saying they got it and would be in touch. (And not to re-send.) Nothing yet. My mother submitted a little later and did not get a confirmation. She re-sent today with the updated requirements – i.e. adding arrival date. No news yet. We are to arrive early on the 17th. I am getting concerned.
  • We sent emails on 8/10 and only received a confirmation for one of them. They were both formatted the same. Based on other comments here, we will resubmit the non-confirmation email from another account. Thanks for all of the comments, this has been very helpful!
  • Submitted my application for Area1 on Aug 10 around noon EDT under the old instructions concerning the email subject line. After reading the comments, I decided to resubmit following the new instructions that include the arrival date in the subject line. I also decided this time to attach 4 separate PDFs for the items requested. On the previous submission, I attached one PDF that had 4 pages containing the documents. Not sure if this makes a difference. I have not heard back on either submission. I would be curious to hear from anyone else that used the multi page attachment has been approved.
  • Hi I’m from Iraq and I had an Iraqi vaccine card, I got my France health pass yesterday after sending my Iraqi vaccine card to the processing time was so fast they send my France health pass within 12h.
  • Hi all. This thread is very informative. Submitted my package on 10AUG 1800 CET but have not revived the QR code as of 13AUG 2030 CET. Flying from Seville to Paris on 14AUG. Anybody have any issues at the airport or at immigration on departure/arrival?
  • I submitted all the information to get my health pass two days ago and since then I have only received an email saying that they received it and to not email back. I still don\’t have the qr code and I fly into France this coming Monday so I’m getting a bit worried. Any tips on walk in/ rapid testing near the airport?
  • I just sent it with a screen shot of my signature. They didn’t have a problem with that [regarding the electronic signature]
  • I have a flight to France arriving on September 4. I submitted my paperwork to the email address on August 11. Got an auto reply right away. Re-submitted it on August 12 because the subject line seemed to be updated (with adding when you arrive in France). Got no auto reply from that second email. No news yet but anxiously awaiting! We have a TGV ticket on the 5th so hopefully they will accept our CDC cards if the QR code does not come through. Will keep you updated! Thx for this site and all these updates. Very helpful.
  • I submitted my application to convert my CDC card to a Pass Sanitaire tuesday 8/10 in the evening (US EST). Got an automated response Wednesday morning (6 AM EST) but here it is Friday 8/13 and I board my flight in less than 6 hours but no QR code yet. Really hoping they work over the weekend and it will be in my inbox when I land. Thanks for all your work tracking this info!
  • When I try to fill in my email on the “Application to convert a foreign vaccination certificate into a French Covid certificate” the cell in the form does not show the entire email. Anybody else seeing this problem with the form and how are you working around it? So, I tried submitting the application by pulling the PDF into Word and entering the email info there and also making the text readable. Printed, signed, and took a picture (not an e-sig) of the form and sent in along with passport, CDC card, screenshot of travel confirmation, and the picture I took of the signed application. Subject line formats all good. Its been 48 hours. Anybody else successfully got the QR code with a picture of their manually signed application? Also, I submitted a screenshot of my airline’s emailed travel confirmation showing flights in and out as “return ticket” ? Anybody else had issues with not sending actual ticket information? Our ticket is inbound and outbound from AMS with a week in France in between, so not sure what a return ticket showing in and out of NE provides them. Anybody else have that scenario. I’m convinced that CDC cards will be fine in the vast majority of cases (lots of people will be neither aware of nor capable of submitting this application or even have a phone capable of displaying the QR code.) but feel it may be convenient to avoid hauling around the card and passport. Thanks in advance.
  • I submitted my information on August 10th, and just received my Passe Sanitaire today, on August 13. I am Canadian, and I am not going to France until August 26. They seem to be working hard to keep up with this.
  • I submitted all documentation for France’s Health Pass for my husband and myself yesterday. We filled out and signed the applications manually as I accessed it from my IPad – on my IPad the form was not editable. I am now reading that the application was created as editable and allowed for an electronic signature. I have opened the application on a non-Apple computer and now see it as editable but still do not see an electronic signature option. I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and submitted a picture of your signed application, rather than the application as an electronic form. We did receive a reply that the email had been received and would be reviewed soon and asked us not to send it again. I know I should give it time but dont want to wait too long. Assuming we still make this trip, we are set to leave on August 30. Thanks for any help.
  • Thanks so much for keeping this updated. My wife and I each sent an emails on Tuesday 8/10 around 3pm with the required documents. Subject line was in the old format without the arrival date, we are arriving to Paris on 8/21. After submitting we received the standard confirmation email just a few minutes afterwards. We both received our passes around 9am on 8/13. It’s worth noting we applied to the Area 1 email for American Nationals. My wife is a non-US citizen, but a permanent resident, so in addition to her Foreign passport and Schengen Visa we included a copy of her US green card, no additional questions were asked.
  • Thank you for being posting all of this information! I submitted two emails – one on 10 August and one on 11 August and had hot heard back. So, when I saw your revised post, I wanted to check to reconfirm that I had done everything correctly. Thus, I clicked on the link that you have provided in your revised post. On this page, the information for submission is DIFFERENT THAN, the information on the original 9 August 21 press release – which is STILL LIVE if you click on the link on the first image you see on the home page of the US French Embassy ( The instructions for SUBJECT line for the email are different – now asking for date of arrival, the spacing is different, etc. Different syntax. Assuming that they are trying to automate the process, the syntax maybe extremely important. And, if they did change it between the 9th and now, it could be behind the delays that some are experiencing. Update (same day): I used the format of COUNTRY / LASTNAME firstname for the first submission – which was based on the instructions (aka the press release on 9 August 2021) for the submission on the 10th and 11th. Early this morning, I resubmitted using the other format of COUNTRY / LASTNAME firstname / DD-MM-YY (Date of Arrival in France). We arrive on the 17th – so, hopefully, they speed up the process.  Paying for tests for the first few days is a back-up plan.  I was in the Auvergne for 5 weeks earlier in the summer with no problems using my US card.  But, next week, travelling back with my mother (who is older) and would rather not be turned away anywhere. Thanks again for being so “on top of it” on your site!
  • I submitted all documents on April 10 at 7:40pm local, got the automated response a minute later. Still waiting for an actual response, now Friday April 13 at 2pm. As far as I can tell I formatted the email correctly and included all documents including a signed application form. I’m currently in the countryside in Normandy near Bernay and nobody ever seems to be asked for the passes, though I plan to take the train on Monday to Caen and am starting to think I’ll just have to board and see what happens.
  • My wife and I received our passes this morning (French time) after about ~60 hours, so the system is still moving and there is still hope! We submitted a second time after about 48 hours “just in case”, and this was the one that got the response with the passes attached. So maybe some people might benefit from that information? Thanks so much for what you’re doing here, no one else is following this story anywhere on the internet.
  • I emailed ours on Aug 10th got them today, took a little longer then some other people but we don”t leave until next Sunday.
  • I have a CDC card and I am a Canadian citizen. It took 3 days to receive my QR code which I received Friday at 6am.
  • We had purchased tickets to arrive August 12 hoping to get a pharmacy-issued health pass…then saw that the official online process had opened up and submitted the paperwork on August 10 at 5 pm US eastern time. Today, August 13 we are still waiting.
  • I cannot thank you enough for keeping this updated–it’s been stressful trying to navigate and this is basically the only place with good color and daily updates! I am heading to France on August 24th, so I have some time, but I’m curious if anyone has had an experience with sending their information encrypted and getting a pass. I don’t feel great about emailing in my passport, so I sent it encrypted. Totally understand I am too far out to get a quick response, but I am curious if I will need to send again un-encrypted. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t accept it, but thought it was worth a shot. Also for color for your other readers, I did try the French consulate in Chicago (where I live) to try and go in and scan my passport in order to avoid sending it via email. They told me that emailing is the only way to go. The US consulate in Paris said the same–French govt has said the only way to get the pass is via email. Hopefully that helps other readers that had similar security questions. Thank you again!
  • Thanks for all the help on this site. No response on our Pass Sanitaire emails yet. We have a TGV to catch tomorrow and we’re traveling with young kids so being turned away would make things complicated. Instead of chancing it, we got a rapid test at a pharmacy (€31 each) and within 15mins got results and a QR code from the French ministry of health. This allows for access/travel anywhere in the the Schengen area for 72hrs. Think of it as a short term Pass. Do make double sure the pharmacist enters the correct name, email and phone numbers as this is how the ministry will contact you with results/pass… we had to go back and ask the guy to edit because we didn’t hear at first.
  • I submitted all documentation for France’s Health Pass for my husband and myself yesterday. We filled out and signed the applications manually as I accessed it from my IPad – on my IPad the form was not editable. I am now reading that the application was created as editable and allowed for an electronic signature. I have opened the application on a non-Apple computer and now see it as editable but still do not see an electronic signature option. I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and submitted a picture of your signed application, rather than the application as an electronic form. We did receive a reply that the email had been received and would be reviewed soon and asked us not to send it again. I know I should give it time but dont want to wait too long. Assuming we still make this trip, we are set to leave on August 30. Thanks for any help.
  • My husband and I arrived Aug. 10th. Unfortunately we were unable to obtain a health pass. We were given the run around from Hotel Dieu and pharmacies. We did fill out the application with all the appropriate info as stated in the France website. This was sent on Aug. 10th and it is now Aug. 12 and we have not heard anything back.
  • Thanks for keeping on this topic so closely, I certainly have appreciated it very much! I’m arriving Saturday (14th) morning in France and submitted my application Tuesday morning. I was nervous that I wasn’t recieving a response and everyone else seemed to get theirs in 24ish hours or less. I took another look and it appears my digital signature didn’t apply correctly to my application, so there was no signature on the form they received. I just re did it and resubmitted the application, I’ll keep you posted if that worked better! Update (one day later): After noticing that my signature was missing from my application I resubmitted it Thursday morning ~8AM EST and received my health pass this morning, just in time for my flight today! I’d recommend that if people have their application sitting for a while, they should recheck to make sure there aren’t any errors. I’m not certain that the reason it was sitting was for that error, I never received a rejection saying that, but that’s just my recommendation.
  • Went to five different pharmacies in Paris today – 8/11 – and was told it was impossible to get the pass. AKA, don’t bother. They were telling us to go to the US Embassy, which we know is a no go.
  • Have you heard how long it takes for people who need them for after the 15th? I leave the US on the 17th (arrive in France the 18th) and sent in my paperwork on the 10th. It’s making me nervous that some received theirs in 12-24 hours and I still have not. Not being able to communicate with the people converting things is making me nervous. Thank you!
  • I submitted my application more than 24 hours ago. I didn’t receive anything yet… Also the form has a very small field for email.
  • Submitted my email application on Aug 10 but did not have the subject correctly formatted. Resent it with the correct subject format same day. I arrive in France Aug 16. Haven’t received my QR code yet. Feeling anxious, but trying my best to stay optimistic. Update (one day later): My QR code was emailed an hour ago!
  • I submitted all of the information for two people on Tuesday, August 10th and have not yet heard back on either of our applications. I’m starting to get very worried!
  • I have been here since July 28 and applied on August 9 and still have not received. I had one Canadian vaccination and one Portuguese. all documentation appears to have been correctly attached to my email.
  • I submitted my application form for the QR code Tuesday. Aug. 10, but have yet to receive any news. I arrived in Paris Thursday morning and went to three different pharmacies and had no luck there either. I did have lunch without any problem. Not sure what to make of the delay or if there is some place I can go and get it done.
  • Ok, so myself, mom and sister have all received our Pass Sanitaire via email process. We each submitted our applications & documents between 8-9am France time. My mom received hers within 8 hours. My sister and I received ours in just over 24 hours.
  • I’m another American who was able to get their health pass through the Area 1 email provided. I’m not arriving until the 17th, but I submitted my documents yesterday morning anyway (even though it said only for people arriving through the 15th). I submitted everything at about 7am yesterday (EST) and received my QR Code at 10am this morning.
  • We have been in France since August 9th and are traveling from Bordeaux to Paris by train today. They checked our CDC cards (we are Americans) at the train station and approved our boarding without the QR code. We submitted our documents via the email link last night at 8 pm and have not received a response yet (as of 1:20 pm on August 11). Hoping to get the pass prior to departing France on the 15th, however, no business has turned us away using our CDC Vaccine Card for the United States.
  • We have a fast approaching trip to Paris and found your site more timely updated than either US or France Government websites for France Health Passes. We followed recommendations and sent the needed documents last night and received a prompt ‘we are working on it’ message. Thank you for your site!!!!!
  • SO glad for the information here! My husband and I are traveling from DC to France on August 21st. Submitted our information/CDC vaccinationcards for the Pass Sanitaire and received our barcode in 24 hours and were easily able to upload it to the Tous AntiCovid app. Was way easier than I could have expected. Thanks for all the info shared here!!
  • Sent in a Pass Sanitaire request on Tuesday Aug 10th and received my pass approximately 24 hours after. I wanted to reach out to thank you so much for keeping this site updated. This has been extremely helpful and anxiety reducing as I’ve attempted to plan an upcoming trip to France in the coming weeks.
  • I sent in my info about 9am EST USA, and i still haven’t received my covid French QR code thing. It’s been about 30 hours and wondering if anyone else you know may have experienced this long wait? I travel to France on the 14th. Update (after two days, after he resent his application using the updated format for the subject line). Just wanted to update, it took around 25 hours from the recent one I sent to them WITH the date of arrival and we just received it!
  • I have been in France since August 7 and have been using my CDC card with no problem until last night. We got turned away from a restaurant for not having a QR code and again this morning. We ran into some other Americans who suggested we use “VaxYes” to convert our CDC cards into a digital form. We uploaded our drivers licenses and CDC cards and got a QR code within minutes. We haven’t tried it at cafes yet but other folks we have run into say it has been working. The French restaurant workers have all been really nice, but the main takeaway is that they seem to REALLY just want something to scan. Update (later same day) even with converting our CDC cards to a digital form with a QR code [not the pass sanitaire but this VaxYes app], we are getting turned away from restaurants. We tried about 4 places in different neighborhoods and all said no. *Editor’s note: Does anyone else have an experience to report about the CDC paper card not being accepted at a restaurant/café/museum? This is the only time we’ve heard of this happening consistently.
  • I am not in France yet. I am not even American. I followed the instructions posted on the web site of the French embassy in Washington; that is, send an email with some paperwork. I did that yesterday’s evening. This morning I received an email with my “CERTIFICAT COVID NUMÉRIQUE UE” attached, which I then scanned successfully in the app. Piece of cake! This is the URL. I had to download a two-page document, write-in by hand some basic information, sign and send pictures of it. I used my cell phone to take the pictures, it was not even good quality. Then I attached also my Brazilian vaccination certificate in English issued by the Brazilian Health Ministry, airline ticket and picture of the first page of the passport. It must have taken me 10 minutes or less. I sent the e-mail yesterday’s evening (night in France) and got a PDF with my certificate early this morning (late morning in France). I immediatelly scanned it into the “AntiCovid” app in my Android phone directly from the computer screen. I had originally blocked one day of my trip to get this, now I have one more day! Yupee!
  • I also submitted my information through the website last evening and received the QR this morning.
  • Update on French Health Pass for folks vaccinated in the US (since : I went to Centre Medical Europe on Sunday, August 8. They gave me a PDF of what to do in order to get the QR code for American citizens. Here’s the link. Hope this is helpful to your audience!
  • Thanks for providing updates regarding latest Covid policies for visiting France. France has now made an online/email Pass Sanitaire application process available to US, Canadian and other country-list approved foreigners traveling to France. You have to download and fill out a government application and provide records of passport, vaccination and airline tickets by email. I submitted via this process tonight. We\’ll see how long it takes. Link to government site here.
  • I stumbled on your blog across the internet while searching for information about CDC cards conversions. I was trying to get my CDC card converted in Nice today at the main vaccination center and yesterday at the number of pharmacies – all attempts are failed. Then, I found this and already applied!
    Update (one day later): Me and my husband have received our codes today!!! So it works 🙌
  • Hey! Just an update on the cdc vaccine card transfer to French system – as of today, august 9, they are no longer authorized to make the transfer for foreigners at hotel dieu. They are not doing it at the American embassy either. We were told yesterday that we could show up today to do it but it seems they only found out themselves this morning.
  • Hello! I tried to convert my CDC card today at the Hôpital Hotel Dieu but was turned away by the receptionist who said that they had stopped providing the conversion for CDC cards today (Aug 9). She did not say why they stopped, but she did say that other vaccination centers were still providing the service. I’m going to try at another center and will let you know if I am successful! UPDATE (same day): I went to the vaccination center of the Mairie du 9eme (6 Rue Drouot) and they gave me a packet of information that says to send an image of my passport, proof of address, and my vaccination card to an email address specific to my vaccination location. It does not say how long it takes to get it approved, but apparently this method is only available until August 31 for now and that the government is no longer allowing personnel to convert cards in person anymore. I will try this method and let you know if I am successful!
  • Hello. Just wanted to send some additional information about this. I was at the Hotel du Ville and was directed to this website for an online application for the French Health pass. You must remove the spaces in the e-mail address listed (at least for the US contact) for it to work. I’ve just sent in all my documents so I’m not sure it will work (or how long it will take), but FYI.

Pharmacies who might convert a CDC card to a pass sanitaire  

  • My husband and I arrived in Paris today after submitting both of our requests via the email three days ago and hearing nothing. Our hotel in the 11th suggested we go to the Pharmacie Les Filles du Calvaire where they promptly changed our vaccine cards into a QR code with no issue and at no extra charge. It was accepted in the tousanticovid app so we believe we’re all set. It took maybe 15 mins total for two of us.
  • Most pharmacies are still completely clueless about this system but it is possible to get a Pass Sanitaire with a CDC card and either a US passport or a French visa (I have the latter, in answer to the question, “Can I get a health pass if I don’t have a return ticket?”, the answer is yes). At Pharmacie Oberkampf (58 Rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011 Paris), they know how to use the system to get you a Pass Sanitaire. They charged me 20€, but after so many failed attempts elsewhere, I was happy to pay it and would have tipped them as much.
  • In case you have other Americans who are in a panic about the QR code for the passe sanitaire, I went to this pharmacy today in the Marais and they were wonderful and converted it for me without issue. I had been turned down by several others. Pharmacie du Pont Louis Philippe at 26 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris
  • I submitted my deets via e-mail on the 10th and 72 hours later, I’m still waiting. So I went to plan B, which was to try pharmacies. Responses ranged from “what planet do you come from” (liberal translation) to “we can’t do that”. Each time I explained that some other pharmacies were doing it, which prompted one very nice pharmacienne to look into it, but she couldn’t find any information. She apologized, saying she would do it if she knew how. Then I found a pharmacy where someone had left instructions, and since the pharmacienne on duty didn’t know how to do it, she turned her terminal over to me (!), and I entered the important details. It worked! The important things to know or do (and maybe you can coach them through this): — they can only do moderna or pfizer — they have to indicate that you are “non associé à la sécurité sociale” (not listed in the French health system) — they enter your standard detail (phone number, address in France, e-mail) — In the page for the 1st vaccination, type in the date of your 1st vaccination in DD/MM/YYYY format (slashes are required) — where they are supposed to type the “lot number” of your vaccine, type in “autre lot” (it will auto-complete, such as “autre lot moderna”), and in the new blank next to it, type in the lot number of your first vaccination. — have them choose the type of establishment as “centre de vaccination” (a good generic term) — indicate the country. All foreign countries have codes starting with 99… The US is 99063. Type that in, and it will auto-complete — check the box saying you’ve been advised of all the relevant info. — validate (“valider” button at the bottom) to save that info. — scroll to the top and choose the tab for 2nd vaccination, and follow the process outlined above. — validate. — You’re done! The pharmacy can print it out. Only caveat is, good luck explaining all of this or talking your way behind the terminal if your French isn’t pretty decent. The pharmacies don’t get paid for providing this service, so don’t expect them to do it if they have a bunch of paying customers.

Using a negative COVID test

  • We are currently in France. We submitted our paperwork late in the evening of the 10th. We had the automatic response, but have not yet received the pass three days later. We are in the Brittany area, and we have had no problem using the CDC card, with the exception of a festival in Lorient that requires the pass or a negative covid test. So we did a Covid test and downloaded the app. We now have a QR code that gets us into the festival, and we have also used it to get into cafes, etc. We just stopped using the CDC card because we have the covid test, which has worked great. It’s less confusing in a part of the country in which there are very few Americans. We were hoping to have the official french pass by today, but since we don’t we are going to get tested again tomorrow. This likely means we will have to have three different covid tests before we return home, since we will need one more before we board our flight in the middle of next week.

Using a foreign vaccination card without a pass sanitaire

  • On restaurants, we’re in Bordeaux area and have had no issues at bars, restaurants or chateaux for tastings. They accept the CDC. On rental cars, no request on 8/10 to see health pass or CDC card to rent.
  • Hi! Sample size of one, but my husband tried his VaxYes pass either today and the gent at the resto wasn’t able to scan it. On the other hand, we have been showing our CDC vax cards and have had zero issue. We proffered our passports the first time and were basically there was no need. Bon appétit! 
  • I have visited three restaurants in the past 2 days and all accepted my CDC card. For some, it was clear that it was the first time they had seen it, but I explained that it was the official American vaccination card and they said it was fine.
  • Emailed our documents 48 hours ago and still haven’t received anything. That being said, we rented a car from Sixt in Bercy today without issue, no questions about vaccination. We also visited Versailles and were able to get though with our CDC card. So far we haven’t been turned away from restaurants but many staff have looked at our cards a bit confounded.
  • I have tried to use the QR code created in the Clear app, but it hasn’t worked. In both cases, the restaurant staff accepted my CDC card instead.
  • We got a QR code quickly from, and although the maitre d’s phone couldn’t scan it, he looked at it and it went much faster than producing our little handwritten cards. I saw one sign outside a restaurant that says effectively, no pass, no service. Not someplace I intended to go anyway.
  • We’ve had a lot of trouble trying every method to convert our CDC card since the 8th, but just wanted to say that everyone seems to be happy to accept the CDC card itself + passport, including the police doing pass sanitaire checks when we took an international train back from Germany into gare du nord on 11 Aug. So it seems converting is not really necessary.
  • I can confirm the CDC card and passport worked at the Eiffel Tower today.
  • We were turned away from Bouillon Pigalle with our CDC card on August 9. Everyone else accepted CDC card. Also I’m still waiting any response from We sent email yesterday morning…
  • Three of us submitted on the 10th. One got it in 4 hours but two of us haven’t received our pass yet. Don’t know if this matters but the one who got it quickly had Moderna while we both have Pfizer. Anyway still waiting. That said, my CDC card has worked everywhere. Some small restaurants seem a bit scared/unsure what to do but then usually just say American pass ok.
  • I sent in the information but haven’t heard back… We will see! However, I took SNCF to Amsterdam and no passe sanitaire was apparently checked despite warnings everywhere. Same for my friend who took the Eurostar from London a couple of days ago. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not sure if it’s because we were going/coming from abroad.
  • My partner and I sent our documents in yesterday (Aug 11) to convert our US CDC cards to a pass sanitaire. I received a “we’re working on it” email within a few hours, he didn’t get anything. Fast forward to today, no further updates/emails received and we are sitting on a TGV from Zurich to Paris hoping that our CDC cards alone will still get us into France! Will circle back with an update either way. Update (same day): You were right – I’m happy to report we made it to France and to our hotel completely sans pass sanitaire. The train attendants didn’t check it, nor did anyone at Gare de Lyon or at our hotel. I expect we’ll have to bring our CDC cards when we go out to any restaurants, but for now we are in the clear! No news from the government about our applications, either (1.5 days later). Thanks again for all the helpful info on your site.

BEFORE AUGUST 8 (Hotel Dieu/Hotel de Ville are no longer converting passes)

  • Hi. Just wanted to thank you for the information on the Hotel Dieu pass sanitaire process [no longer operational]. I just return from there and can confirm that it works. And is the most efficient thing I’ve ever seen in French admin. I am an American but was vaccinated in Hong Kong. But have been llving here since may and will be here the rest of the year. And I’ve had problems already with my vaccine doc as it has some writing in Chinese and people think is the Chinese vaccine (I have Pfizer). I was hesitant they would take it- but they did no problem. So thank you again for making my next 6 months much easier!!
  • We just arrived Paris on AUG 4th and followed your information to get the COVID pass. I tried a pharmacy first and confirmed that they are not doing it anymore. I guessed that the hospital going to be busy with are other tourists so I decide to visit an near by government vaccination center and it took them 3 minutes to enter my family data and handing us the code. What they told me that all vaccination centers got instructions to do it for US and EU citizens.
  • Just went to Hotel Dieu. You were spot on. It took one hour! But it’s done. Thank so much. Bonjour! I am an American, vaccinated with the CDC card. We read your blog about converting to the EU QR code. We went to Hotel de Ville and were turned away. We were told by some pharmacies that we could pay for a Covid test and get a QR code that was valid for about 48 hours. They said the French government stopped allowing pharmacies to convert CDC proof of vaccination to EU QR codes. One pharmacist told us that they CDC cards are being accepted everywhere and the QR code is not necessary. We also called the ticket office at Versailles and they told us that they (as well as the Louvre and other Paris museums) are all accepting the CDC cards. With all of the conflicting info we still wanted to try for the QR Code and saw the update about Hospital Hotel Dieu. We went there and they converted it for us in about 5 minutes. It was really quick and easy.
  • Thanks for your post about getting foreign vaccine cards recognized for the health pass. We just left the Hotel Dieu and got our CDC cards converted after being turned away at Hotel de Ville. We are incredibly grateful for your post and website with the updates from yesterday!
  • I went to Hopital Hotel Dieu today and converted my CDC card into a QR code. Almost 1 hour exactly queue, but it was fine and the process took 3 or 4 minutes. The staff were pretty unhappy looking but the lady entering my details was quite nice. Everyone spoke English. One word of warning, there are a few chairs outside the QR code office, but the queue is actually the queue on the stone seats in the main hall and it takes a long time to wait. Everyone in the queue was very friendly and chatty, so that helped 🙂
  • I can confirm the hôpital hôtel-dieu is providing the digital certificate. Got min in less than 5 mins following the suggestion on your website 
  • Today, my family and I successfully used our CDC vaccination cards at the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.  They require you to have your passport with the card as they check the name on the card against the passport and look at you picture.  I saw a couple in front of me at the Eiffel Tower denied admission because they did not have their passports.  Note that a new rule was effective on 7/30 that requires USA citizens to get some type of paperwork from the US Embassy in order to get a digital Pass Sanitaire. There are long lines at local pharmacies with French nationals getting their Pass Sanitaires.  I don’t believe the government wants to add to the pharmacy workloads with tourists. The US Embassy paperwork is likely aimed to limit Pass Sanitaires to US citizens who are in France for longer than just a vacation. 
  • I was also turned away from Hotel de Ville yesterday 30 July 2021 but directed to Hopital Hotel-Dieu. They have a small office set up for processing passe sanitaire. Office is on the first floor just right of the entry lobby. No queue and process went quickly. 2 staff. Hope this helps others.
  • BREAKING: CDC CARD Used Successfully Today!! Today I walked up to the security personnel with CDC Card in-hand, at my scheduled time at Museé d’Orsay. The fellow looked at it and said, « Oh, le carte CDC » Ok! That was it! Unfortunately the card is getting a little dog-eared now! Honestly with all the confusion with pharmacies, don’t stress it and try your CARD FIRST…