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Japanese Knife Company

Address: 13, rue de Cotte, 75012
Hours: Open Monday-Friday 12:30-8pm. Open Saturday 10:30am-8pm. Open Sunday 10am-2pm.
Telephone: +33 9 84 44 89 31
Website / Facebook

After 16 years in London, where it was hailed as a “shrine to the knife” (The Guardian) offering “the finest selection of culinary blades we have ever come across” (Financial Times) that is “awesome, amazing and the very best available” (The Wall Street Journal), the Japanese Knife Company established its first Paris shop in May 2014. With backing from a team that includes the owners of Au Passage and Bones, its already become a magnet for chefs to browse and buy knives (so far, we’ve spotted chefs from Verjus, Roseval, CheZaline) and for restaurants to get their kitchen and table knives sharpened (Le Servan and Septime, among others). Soon to come: sushi and butchery workshops, chef demonstrations, and other cutting edge (sorry) events.

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