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Jeanne A

Jeanne A restaurant in Paria |

Address: 42, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011
Hours: Open every day from continuously 10am-10:30pm
Telephone: +33 1 43 55 09 49
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Our Review

We have not yet reviewed this restaurant. Below you’ll find a summary of reviews to see what others are saying about it.

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In Other Words

John Talbott (2011) “… we started off with a carafe of wine and some sliced sausage (very good products)… scallops (adequate product) with leeks cooked in an agrume sauce (unusual) and I had the echine of porc (standard) with potatoes dauphinois (great even for my potato-deficient palate) and beet greens.  We ended splitting a “brownie” (extraordinary)…”

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2011) “… a very adequate natural wine canteen that serves actual agreeable meals throughout the day on Sundays. This fact alone should make it a Paris destination.”

Alexander Lobrano (2010) “Our happy crew started with an excellent assortment of charcuterie.. Then a choice between roast Challans chicken or crispy skinned spit-roasted duck from the Basque Country, both served with a delicious little galette de pommes de terre and a mesclun-and-herb salad.”

1 thought on “Jeanne A”

  1. Another great recommendation! We had dinner here tonight and really enjoyed our meal. The guys were so good with Seb and my gigot d’agneau au laid was just melt in your mouth tender. We just made our reservations this afternoon, so definitely a good bet for last minute. Thanks again, PBM!

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