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Auberge Bressane

Auberge Bressane restaurant in Paris

Auberge Bressane is a very traditional French restaurant that serves classic dishes like escargots, frogs’ legs and coq au vin. They do these dishes incredibly well, along with regional classics like oeufs en meurette, quenelles de Brochet and chicken with morels and vin jaune, in a typical bistro setting that looks like a postcard. Despite being within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, this place hasn’t been taken over by tourists. We were surrounded by locals on our recent visit – regular customers who had opinions about what we should order, people celebrating birthdays, couples sharing the trio of sweet soufflés. It was charming and delicious. We’ve included Auberge Bressane among our 50 favorite restaurants in Paris.


16 avenue de la Motte Piquet, 75007
Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Reservations online or at + 33 1 47 05 98 37

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Alexander Lobrano (2015) “A living archive of the great tastes of Gaul… With the possible exception of the price–there’s an excellent value 24.50 Euros lunch menu, but it’s expensive to order a la carte, which we did–everything about this meal pleased.”

Time Out (2012) “The welcome is exactly as you’d expect in a country inn, as well, friendly and unpretentious. The menu features hearty dishes like eggs en cocotte in beaujolais with bacon and shallots, frogs’ legs provençale, utterly traditional coq au vin. If you indulge, remember to order one of the unforgettable dessert souffles, Baked Alaska or flamboyant crepes suzettes at the beginning of your meal.”

Le Figaro (2011) “Un petit joyau régionaliste, tel qu’on les affectionnait après-guerre, lorsque le mot design n’existait pas encore. Cela donne du papier peint à fleurs de lys, des suspensions en fer forgé et lampes bougeoirs, des nappes blasonnées, des fauteuils en cuir cloutés et tout le cortège habituel de moules à charlotte, tonnelets-service à liqueurs et diplômes de boudin qui vous façonnent un décor. On plonge avec délice dans ce giron provincial activement préservé. Trop bien!”


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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review. We have been here on our last two trips to Paris and have the most wonderful memories of the food and staff at this “heartbeat of Paris” restaurant. The quality of the food and attention to detail…and the genuine warmth of the staff…cannot be better anywhere. If I lived on the rue Saint Dominique (my preference), I would have that table outside, on the sidewalk, as my dinner table every night. Wherever you are staying or whatever you want to eat….please just go here and experience France.

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