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Laurent Dubois

Laurent Dubois is a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), the highest designation for a cheesemonger and affineur in France. Especially strong in their selection of aged Comté, brebis from the Pyrenées, and small production chèvres. In the caves below the shop, Dubois ages a few cheeses well past the point where other affineurs (and the AOC system) are willing to go – a Sainte-Maure de Tourraine at 100 days, for example, and an extra old Fourme d’Ambert. In-house creations like Roquefort layered with quince paste and Camembert stuffed with marscapone and apples macerated in Calvados make for the perfect dessert.

 An absolute favorite

Practical information

Address: 47 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005
Nearest transport: Maubert-Mutualité (10)
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 8:30am-7:30pm; Sunday, 8:30am-1pm; closed Monday
Telephone: 01 43 54 50 93
Website Facebook

Additional locations

Address: 2 rue de Lourmel, 75015
Nearest transport: Dupleix (6)
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9am-1pm and 4pm-7:45; Saturday, 8:30am-7:45pm; Sunday, 9am-1pm; closed Monday
Telephone: 01 45 78 70 58

Address: 97-99 rue Saint-Antoine, 75004
Nearest transport: Saint-Paul (1)
Hours: Open Tuesday-Saturday 9am-8pm and Sunday 9am-1pm; Closed Mondays
Telephone: 01 48 87 27 10

Reviews of interest

Jennifer Greco (2011) “Monsieur and Madame Dubois and the staff at both of their shops are incredibly passionate and quite happy to share their knowledge with you…They offer almost the same selection, but the ambiance of the two older shops is considerably different. The shop in the 15th has the feel of a local, neighborhood place, while the one in the 5th on the Boulevard Saint-Germain caters more toward tourists.”

Ann Mah (2011) “I really love stopping here, chatting with the vendeurs, and spending my hard-earned centimes on a morsel of perfect cheese…”

Photo via Laurent Dubois’ Facebook page

5 thoughts on “Laurent Dubois”

  1. Laurent Dubois is the ultimate destination for cheese fans. Most of the cheese are French (of course!), but he also carries a carefully selected line of Italian, Spanish, and even American cheeses.

    When I read the negative reviews from some people, I could not help but wonder what happened? We NEVER had anything less than sublime cheese from our neighborhood (2 Rue de Lourmel) Laurent Dubois cheese shop in Paris.

    If only he would open a shop here on the West Coast!

  2. Very disappointed with Dubois.We went to his Marais shop and clearly asked for ripe Camenbert,for the next morning.When we cut it the next day it was far from ripe and had a chalky center.Of course ,once cut ,it never ripened properly,
    With so many great cheese shops in Paris,the actual quality of cheese you can get in any of them is excellent and what really distinguishes them is the quality of service.Dubois failed us.

  3. How lucky for us to be in the Marais this trip. His shop is around the corner from us. We will be making a trek for sure! Thanks for sharing this today!


  4. This was an absolutely WONDERFUL experience…. First of all, it’s beautiful! I’m a total sucker for presentation, and they way everything was prepared and presented- it was like a work of art. I went in speaking alright French. The staff was so friendly and bore with me trying to practice my French (I didn’t want to speak English and really get an opportunity to expand my speaking skills a bit and they patiently worked with me to figure out how to say certain things) and then led me in the direction of delicious cheeses! Definitely will be visiting again!

  5. This is my favourite cheese shop, with Pacal Beillevaire, because of his butter, a close second. At Laurent Dubois, not only do you have a selection of the most spectacular cheeses, but creme fraiche, well, I have no words to describe.

    When I die I want to be buried under the tiles of this little shop.

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