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Le Grand Bain

Despite Chef Ed Delling-Williams' departure, Le Grand Bain is much as it was when he was in the kitchen, offering one of the most comprehensive menus of small plates in the capital on the vibrant rue Denoyez, just steps from the 19th arrondissement thoroughfares of rue and boulevard de Belleville. With Canadian Chef Emily Chia (ex-St. John) at the helm, some things remain the same: a funky list of natural bottles; friendly service that's present without ever being obtrusive; a lengthy menu of offerings encompassing options for pescatarians, vegetarians, and the most devoted carnivores. Delling-Williams' lardo-draped cheesy gougères remain, with their rich, eggy decadence, but Chia's unsparing creativity also paves the way for seasonally-driven options like dressed up mushrooms on brioche toast or roasted squash with a “Café de Paris” sauce that may well have been designed for beef but marries just as wonderfully – if not more so – with sweet and tender kabocha squash. Come with a crowd and make sure your selections (6 to 13 euros per plate) skew plant-based, and you'll never leave disappointed. Great for Sunday night dinner!

Practical Details

14 Rue Denoyez, 75020

Open Wednesday-Sunday for lunch & dinner (closed Monday & Tuesday)

Reservations online or at +33 9 83 02 72 02

Why Go?

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2 Replies to “Le Grand Bain”

  1. I beg to differ with the above comment. We were there last night and the food was delicious and the service was fantastic. We had three people checking in on us all night. We do not speak the language well and it was not a barrier. We were treated very well, felt it was a cozy restaurant with interesting offerings. Exactly what we were looking for in small plates a large hunk of meat. We were not disappointed and enjoyed exploring a n’hood off the beaten path for a change.

  2. You should really indicate that this restaurant is best suited for Parisians, not tourists, who will feel lost here and will not be well treated, because it’s a long way from the districts most visitors stay in, and frankly, the food isn’t remarkable.

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