Le Grand Bain

Le Grand Bain restaurant in Paris | parisbymouth.com
Lamb shoulder to share on the sidewalk terrasse. All photos by Meg Zimbeck.

Notable dishes:

  • Whole roasted lamb shoulder to share
  • anything with XO sauce

Practical Information

Address: 14 Rue Denoyez, 75020
Hours: Open for dinner every day of the week
Telephone09 83 02 72 02
Website (online reservations)   Facebook   Instagram

Le Grand Bain in pictures

What people are saying

  • Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2017) says that “Anyone who passed through Au Passage during his tenure probably expected Delling-Williams to make a big splash in the kitchen at Le Grand Bain. Yet for now, with few exceptions, his work at the new venture has been remarkably unshowy” and that “the menu leans equally on crudo-like preparations and hearty vegetable dishes. Flamed mackerel atop julienned raw cabbage was bright and brittle-skinned. The raw cod in another plate was unimpeachable, pure and lace-like in texture. These dishes had the feel of improvised riffs, sharing sauce presentations and overall construction, substituting flavour combinations.”
  • Le Fooding (2017) praises “The gilded hands of British chef Edward Delling Williams ” and notes that the menu contains “around twenty combustible little bombs, whose fuses are lit live in the windowed kitchen. A few examples: two oysters under a glass bell wrapped in spirals of apple wood smoke (€8) and two grilled scallops and purple shiso in a divine bonito-artichoke dashi broth (€7).”
  • Le Figaro (2017) says the small plates here are unrestrained and says that foodies will celebrate the arrival of Edward Delling-Williams in the heart of Belleville.
  • Le Monde (2017) concludes that you should “Go, go, go!” and says that there is a joyful happiness evident here, and a real pleasure around these small plates.

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