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Le Perchoir

Le Perchoir bar in Paris |

Practical information

Address: 14 rue Crespin du Gast, 75011
Nearest transport: Ménilmontant (2), Rue Saint-Maur (3)
Hours: Closed Sunday; Open Monday-Friday 6pm-2am; Open Saturday 4pm-2am
Reservations: Walk-Ins Welcome for the bar; Book a day or two in advance for the restaurant
Telephone: 01 48 06 18 48
Average price for dinner: 20-39€ for a selection of plates; 40-59€ for the restaurant set menu
Style of cuisine: Small plates & tapas, Provençal French
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Additional locations

Address: 33 rue de la Verrerie, 75004
Nearest transport: Hotel de Ville (1, 11)
Hours: Open Thursday-Saturday, 8.15pm-2pm
Reservations: Reservations not accepted
Telephone: No telephone

Reviews of interest

Note:  These reviews are for the original location on rue Crespin du Gast

Hipsters in Paris (2014) “I’m not 100% sold on the food. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with dinner, but when it comes down to allocating €42-48 for a set menu, I would rather pay…for ‘incredible’, rather than just ‘okay’.”

François-Régis Gaudry (2013) “Le chef popote selon l’humeur, et on n’a rien décelé qui puisse ressembler de près ou de loin à une signature…Le mieux, c’estd ‘oublier la table (menu unique le soir à 48 euros) et de s’aventurer au bar (cocktail du jour, 12 euros), quitte à faire la queue au bas de l’immeuble.”

Figaroscope (2013) “Même si les plats peuvent se partager, l’addition se plaît aux cimes! Menus à 42 et 48 €. Salade de poulpe: aiguisée. Épaule d’agneau, légumes de saison: de bonne facture. Dacquoise aux fruits rouges: pimpante.”

Photo courtesy of Omar Cabbabé

1 thought on “Le Perchoir”

  1. I found myself in front of the Le Perchoir building for a dinner organized by friends not paying attention to the name of the restaurant just aiming for the address. Following a previous visit to the roof top bar during winter time, I would not have chosen to go to the restaurant, but I am pleased to say I was positively surprised. For a Thursday night it was a rather relaxed atmosphere , lots of expats and the seating arrangement on large wooden tables provides a nice ambience for good conversations. We opted for the set menu with the wine paring . The wine was well chosen and the starters and desert were excellent . Our party was not wowed by the main but in hind side it was an excellent cut of meat , maybe not cooked to its full potential. Also concept of sharing dishes gives a nice homey feeling. The only downside was the neglecting attitude of the waiters towards the end of the evening. We believe they preferred to have cocktails at the roof top instead of serving us, but who can blame them. We then also went up for a nightcap with a great view. Le Perchoir is rather crowed so it is advisable to book a dinner table to cut the line and then just have a drink before or after. I will definitely go back.

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