Les Caves du Marais

Piled wooden cases bearing the name of many a famous winemaker form the narrow passage to this equally tiny shop. Inside, you’ll find those bottles from those famed names, plus plenty more not quite in evidence, to find which you’ll want to strike up a conversation with the extremely knowledgable proprietor Jean-Jacques Bailly. It’s a classicist’s selection, and you won’t find the cartoonish ephemera of the natural wine scene here, but neither is it doctrinaire. And there’s this, too: Les Caves du Marais is the sort of place people imagine when thinking of the prototypical and increasingly legendary caviste, yet in actual fact such places rarely exist except to sell either natural wine or indifferent commercial banalities anymore. Shopping here is like finding something you always imagined existed.

Practical information

Address: 64 rue François Miron, 75004
Nearest transport: Saint Paul (1) or Pont Marie (7)
Hours: Closed Sunday & Monday
Telephone: 01 42 78 54 64

Reviews of interest

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2010) “It’s one of those claustrophobically cluttered, been-here-forever / doing-my-thing / ain’t-changing sort of places; this ethos, which from a restaurant service perspective is usually infuriating, can actually be great thing in a good caviste.”

Food Tourist (date unknown) “It is only down the right-hand side of the store where Jean-Jacques Bailly plies his trade where some semblance of order seems to be maintained.”

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