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A shop full of natural, biodynamic, and organic wine doesn’t seem the likeliest candidate for a heavily touristed corner of the Île Saint-Louis. But while it’s possible that a fair number of visitors are baffled by the racks of unfamiliar wines, and at least a few of the rest are just popping in to ask for directions to Berthillon, uncannily affable proprietor and raconteur Hervé Lethielleux is a laid-back advocate for wines that often benefit from a little advocacy.

The selection’s pretty evenly weighted between acknowledged stars and semi-obscurities, and there’s an extant yet reasonable location-based premium, but what’s not to love about a store like this in such a prime location?

Tastings every Saturday, all day, though at any given time there’s usually something open.

Practical information

Address: 10 rue Jean du Bellay, 75004
Nearest transport: Pont Marie (7), Saint-Paul (1), Cité (4), Maubert-Mutualité (10)
Hours: Open every day
Telephone: 01 44 07 99 27
Website   Facebook

Reviews of interest

Food Intelligence (2012): “Un signe très encourageant cette apparition dans l’un des plus haut lieu touristique de Paris d’une boutique qui promeut, avec tempérament et prix éthiques, le vivant.”

The Cellars Club (2013): “Offers a beautiful selection of organic, biodynamic wines, several of which are even sulfite free. Now that’s a rare find these days! The wines presented at L’Étiquette are from small producers who have a special dedication in presenting fine quality “clean” wines to residents and visitors alike, but yet at amazingly low prices.”

1 thought on “L’Etiquette”

  1. This is certainly the nightmare wine shop par excellence! Today (Saturday), my wife and I entered, asked politely about the usual Saturday wine tasting, got a strange, sardonic reply from Mr. Lethielleux, who proceeded to pour a sparkling wine in two glasses, without saying any other word, no explanation, no indication what we were about to drink, nothing: impoliteness of the highest order.
    The wine, whatever it was, was just plain horrible. My wife said, in her excellent French, the politest thing that one could possibly say about that swill: “It’s perhaps a bit sour for our taste” – and got the positively incredibly answer, from Mr. Lethielleux: “Well, it’s wine”. Since we, as prospective (paying) customers, had certainly no reason to further endure Mr. Lethielleux’ insults, we left instantly, and that’s our recommendation for everyone: let’s make this pig rude shopkeeper shut down his business as soon as possible!

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