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Marso et Co

Marso et Co restaurant in Paris 75013 from Tomy Gousset | Paris by Mouth

Following his Michelin-starred Tomy & Co and much acclaimed 5th arrondissement Hugo & Co, Chef Tomy Gousset brings his internationally-inspired flair to the 13th, where Mediterranean flavors reign supreme. Behind its bright blue awning, in this spacious spot not far from the picturesque Butte-aux-Cailles neighborhood, flavors from Italy, Greece, Turkey, and North Africa are accompanied by natural and sustainable wines hailing from all over the Mediterranean basin. The menu (39 for three courses, 32 for two) wends its way through the region, often on the same plate, with offerings like roasted spiced sweet potato and gorgonzola, arancini with pili-pili sauce, or salt cod brandade with fattoush. A more-is-more attitude to garnishes is surprisingly welcome, with the creativity, on-point seasoning, and artistic flair Gossuet fans are used to.

16 Rue Vulpian, 75013
Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner
Closed weekends
Reservations online or at +33 1 45 87 37 00

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