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Outdoor Dining in Paris

Loulou restaurant in Paris - outdoor dining near the Louvre

We have updated our guide to outdoor dining in Paris as an article in our Paris by Mouth newsletter. Click below to find our favorite restaurants with outdoor seating.

5 thoughts on “Outdoor Dining in Paris”

  1. Thanks Ella. If you click on the links for each restaurant, we have a more full description including the average price.

  2. Hi Aparna, it’s pretty chilly at night in early November, but there are a few restaurants with outdoor seating that have heat lamps (for example, Le Comptoir du Relais).

  3. Thanks for a great guide! It would be fantastic if you gave us a price estimate for each too.

  4. Thank you for posting these wonderful outdoor dining suggestions in Paris! Whenever I travel, I love to eat outside, because it adds to the relaxing ambiance of vacations. I will have to be sure to try some of these restaurants if I ever go to Paris. Le Square Gardette could be interesting with taxidermy decorations!

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