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Chez Georges

A popular, old school bistro serving classics like frisée au lardons, jambon persillée, escargot, and tarte tatin.

  • Open Monday, near the Louvre

1 rue du Mail, 75002
Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner
Closed Sunday & Monday
Reservations at +33 1 42 60 07 11


Patricia Wells (2015) “It’s always a pleasure to return to a restaurant you loved decades ago and find it virtually unchanged. And maybe even better than you remember. That’s Chez Georges, the dream bistro just off the Place des Victoires… What I do know is that the menu remains unchanged, the quality is there, and especially the hustle bustle of the dining room.”

John Talbott (2010) “… a  delicious fricasee of rabbit with girolles… sweetbreads in a creamy sauce with morels and a ton of noodles; both dishes were excellent.”

1 thought on “Chez Georges”

  1. My absolute favorite restaurant in Paris. No “exquisite ” food here, just marvelously prepared simple and delicious real food. The best sweetbreads I’ve ever had period. I hope this place never changes or tries to ” chic up”. Its perfect.

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