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This bakery — named for the Italian cook who supposedly invented pâte à choux — sells only cream puffs. Tiny, adorable cream puffs.

Practical information

Address: 53 rue Debelleyme, 75003
Nearest transport: Filles du Calvaire (8)
Hours: Closed Monday
Telephone: 01 44 61 31 44
Website Facebook

Reviews of interest

Time Out (2012) “The sweet little mouthfuls with their creamy centres are decorated with Morello cherries or finished with lemon, caramel, pistachio. Allow €1.85 each, €11 for 6 and €21 for 12.”

T Magazine (2011) “On any given day, the choux are lined up in a half dozen flavors including dark chocolate, lemon praline, salted butter caramel, Madagascar vanilla and rose; some have an additional confit filling of passion fruit or raspberry.”

Caroline Mignot (2011) “Je dirais que c’est le genre de petites choses parfaites à dévorer sur le moment, en sortant de la boutique, tandis que la crème sort de tous les côtés..”

Paris Pâtisseries (2011) “…it’s a cute shop in a fun little neighborhood. However . . . the work isn’t where it could be. I purchased three rose-framboise, a violette, a caramel, a pistache and a vanille; they were all ok – better than average…”

Dorie Greenspan (2011) “…the spare new boutique is not much bigger than the puffs in the display case — and the puffs are petit.  Very. They’re also deeply flavorful — the creams are velvety, luxurious, really, and full-flavored.”

2 thoughts on “Popelini”

  1. These babies are amazing! Only discovered them towards the end of our trip, but they are beautiful, full of flavour and with good texture combination. One of my Paris favourites going forward.

  2. Tried Popelini the other day and we must say, we were rather underwhelmed. Too much too sweet filling, the choux themselves getting old very quickly (although we were told that you could eat them until the next day), the different flavours very alike.

    So, a definite No. Sorry. (Oh, and they are definitely not the next macarons.)

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