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Paris by Mouth launches with a party at Spring Boutique

Before launching at 5:00 this morning, the PbM crew celebrated the new website with a few hundred glasses at Spring Boutique.

All photos by Nicolas Calcott

LowResolution_img_2972The crowd at Spring Boutique spills out onto the sidewalk

LowResolution_img_2844Drew Harré and Daniel Rose

LowResolution_img_2942 Clotilde Dusoulier, Laura Adrian and Ellise Pierce

LowResolution_img_2849Phyllis Flick

LowResolution_img_2559Christophe Wakim (and girlfriend Oanèse) in the spotlight

LowResolution_img_2672Elisabeth Fourmont, David LebovitzMeg Zimbeck and Daniel Rose

LowResolution_img_2883Bruno Verjus, chasing the good stuff.

LowResolution_img_2880 Barbra Austin and Bertrand Celce

LowResolution_img_2684Forest Collins

LowResolution_img_2877Sébastien du Petit Thouars, Heather Stimmler-Hall and Chris Nicholson

LowResolution_img_2824Gabriel Wick, Braden Perkins and Zeva Bellel

LowResolution_img_2955Catherine Sanderson

LowResolution_img_2856Drew Sanocki and Sara Clemence

LowResolution_img_2900Juan Sanchez, Chloé Tuot and Laura Adrian

LowResolution_img_2895Meg Zimbeck and Lauren Elkin

LowResolution_img_2785Joe Ray

LowResolution_img_2858Kate van den Boogert

LowResolution_img_2782Elyane Lebre and Mark Williamson

LowResolution_img_2791Emmanuel Giraud and Emile Soulier

LowResolution_img_2714Camille Malmquist and Ellen McBreen

LowResolution_img_2792Wai-Ming Lung

LowResolution_img_2938Anne DitmeyerDavid LebovitzJA Getzlaff and friends

LowResolution_img_2667Ceviche on the move (now every Saturday at Spring Boutique)

LowResolution_img_2616Wines recommended by Josh Adler: Catherine & Pierre Breton Vouvray Brut “La Dilettante” and a 2007 P. Garrey Mercurey 1er cru “La Chassière”

LowResolution_img_2549Heaps of sausage, a massive Camembert, and crusty bread from Julien

LowResolution_img_2916Giddy Meg

Thanks to everyone who came!

And a major merci to Daniel Rose, Josh Adler, Marie-Aude Mery and the entire Spring team for making this party so delicious.

Additional photos can be found on our Paris by Mouth Flickr page. Have some snaps of your own to share? Send them to our Flickr Group Pool!

8 thoughts on “Paris by Mouth launches with a party at Spring Boutique”

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  3. It’s amazing to find a website uniting such a talented and accomplished group of writers. What impressive numbers you all gather together! For sure, this will be a success; for sure, this will be read daily by food and Paris lovers like me. Congratulations!

  4. Jim Hutchinson(aka Laidback)

    Congratulations on the launch. Phyllis alerted me to the site and it promises to be the freshest thing going for Francophiles.

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