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Jessica Yang

Oobatz pizza from Dan Pearson in Paris from the team behind Le Rigmarole


The folks behind Rigmarole have opened a pizza place called Oobatz in collaboration with Dan Pearson, the pizzaiolo behind their successful Pizzamarole pop-up. It’s incredible, you should go. Definitely the best pizza we’ve had in Paris… or perhaps anywhere else. 4bis Avenue Jean Aicard, 75011Open Wednesday – Sunday from 6-10pmReservations online or at +33 9 87 41 68 53 Their Instagram / Our Instagram OUR PHOTOS OF OOBATZ

Le Rigmarole

Update: since I published this, Le Rigmarole has closed and reopened and changed their hours many times. When I last checked, they were serving tasting menus at lunch on Wednesday-Friday (closed at night) and serving pizza on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights (closed during the day). Check their website to learn what’s happening before you go. This menu is improbable collection of dishes inspired by chef Robert Compagnon’s clear obsession with Japan and his skill with yakitori, but in addition to grilled… Read More »Le Rigmarole