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We launched a newsletter in 2022 and have already gained more than 60,000 subscribers – readers are hungry for unbiased, independent restaurant reviews. We reserve anonymously, pay full price, and tell you what we really think. We have more than a decade of experience eating in thousands of Paris restaurants, and that experience comes in handy when we’re trying to help you find the right restaurant for the right occasion.

Where to eat in the marais

The Marais is beautiful, but there are a lot of dining duds in this historic neighborhood. We visited 21 restaurants in the last 18 months and categorized them all as Great, Good, Fine or Not Recommended. This is a free article in our newsletter. Your subscriptions – nearly 50k and climbing! – enable us to visit anonymous, pay full price, and tell you what we honestly think. We’ve also mapped our favorites (and least favorites) in the Marais, organizing them… Read More »Where to eat in the marais