This institution of fine dining changed hands in 2011.

Practical information

Address: 15 rue Lamennais, 75008
Nearest transport: Charles de Gaulle-Etoile (1, 2, 6, RER A)
Hours: Closed Saturday and Sunday; Open Monday-Friday for lunch and dinner
Reservations: Book a week or two in advance
Telephone: 01 44 95 15 01
Average price for lunch: 60-100€
Average price for dinner: More than 100€
Style of cuisine: Classic French, haute cuisine
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Reviews of interest

Condé Nast Traveler (2015) “Former owner Jean-Claude Vrinat is no longer with us, but his ideal-host spirit lives on. From the polished silver to the carefully arranged flowers to the art on the walls, all is perfection.”

Andy Hayler (2013) “Taillevent is exactly how I remember it from a visit fifteen years ago, and I hope it will be just the same in fifteen years’ time.”

Patricia Wells (2012) “Today, the club-like restaurant is as alive, alert, and up-to-date as any I know. As it always did, it provides the very definition of modern French haute cuisine. Chef Alain Solivérès and his pastry chef Matthieu Bijou make this one of the finest dining spots in the country. They both know how to update classics to modern-day tastes and expectations, working always with the finest of ingredients.”

Simon Says (2008) “Le restaurant faisait de la bonne cuisine depuis belle lurette. Il n’a pas changé en une saison, ni failli sur une tartelette aux mirabelles. La question serait plutôt : valait-il ses trois étoiles?”

2 thoughts on “Taillevent”

  1. terry sauer says:

    We went to Taillevent for our wedding anniversary in 2013. It was a spectacular experience. It is is the only restaurant I have visited that when I left I felt that I should write a thank you note. The food and wine pairings were exceptional. The white served with the appetizer is probably the best glass of wine I have ever had. M. Ancher came by our table several times. I am not sure why it lost a star, but it is definitely a stellar dining experience and well worth the expense.

  2. Like Living There says:

    We’ve gone here twice for special lunches, which were generous, excellent and less than half the price of dinner, 82 euros plus beverages. It was nice the second time to be greeted by name and to renew acquaintance with Jean-Marie, who, if he doesn’t really enjoy making every guest feel important, is a superb actor.
    One visit was an anniversary, and we felt just as special as the much more free-spending Parisian couple seated at the next table.

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