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Tomy & Co. restaurant in Paris |

Tomy & Co.

I loved chef Tomy Gousset’s cooking when he was at Pirouette, but this signature restaurant has just blown me away. The room is comfortable and a little plain, which is to say it fits nicely in the 7th arrondissement, but Gousset’s cuisine is thrillingly modern. He is a master of using herbs, acidity and texture to elevate sometimes humble ingredients like beef tongue or tête de veau. His compositions are intricate and colorful, making them a dream for Instagrammers, but flavor and balance are not sacrificed to beauty. Those who like to try different wines will love their list with a rotating cast of 20 selections by the glass. Service is on point and supports, rather than detracts from the brilliance of the kitchen. The menu changes regularly enough to warrant repeat visits, and I for one can’t wait to go back.

Notable dishes:

  • thin tart of beef tongue with turnips, mustard seeds and gribiche
  • vitello tonnato made with tête de veau and caper flowers

Address: 22, rue Surcouf, 75007
Hours: Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner. Closed Saturday & Sunday.
Telephone: +33 1 45 51 46 93
Online Booking / Facebook / Instagram

Tomy&Co is open inside and out. The restaurant is also continuing its takeaway and delivery service; 30€ menu changes weekly. Order via Deliveroo or find the most recent menu on Instagram and order by phone (06 15 85 19 75) for pickup.

Tomy & Co. in photos

In Other Words

Atabula (2017) Franck Pinay-Rabaroust says that Tomy Gousset has remained faithful to the formula that brought so much success at Pirouette: precise seasoning, a sense of generosity and products that can sometimes surprise. They draw attention to his thin tartlet of beef tongue with marinated turnips, mustard and gribiche (which we agree is delicious) as an example of his dexterity in making elegant use of offal.

Les Grands Ducs (2016) Thierry Richard calls this a modern bistro that celebrates ingredients, and says that chef Tomy Gousset is a master of flavor and saucing, putting out dishes that remain in our memories long after we leave the table. In particular, he praises a dish of impeccably worked deer shoulder with autumn truffles and a jus of cacao.

John Talbott (2016) also loves the “rondelle of chopped beef tongue topped with an umbrella of overlapping pickled radish slices” and a dish of duck “made Apicius fashion with grapes and beets” that he calls “more than outstanding, it was out of this world.”

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