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Vins des Pyrénées

Croque Monsieur at Vins des Pyrenees restaurant in the Marais in Paris

Vins des Pyrénées will not be the best restaurant you try in Paris, but it’s incredibly useful. With continuous service every day of the week between 7am-2am, this is a great place to keep in mind when you need to eat early (before a performance at the nearby Opéra Bastille) or mid-afternoon (after shopping on a Sunday in the Marais). There are a lot of vegetarian options, and they even have a kids’ menu with chicken nuggets, fries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (15 euros).

Over the years, the more “cheffy” creations have impressed us less than their basic offerings. The Croque Monsieur, made with truffled Gouda, is outstanding. We love their endive and pear salad topped with crispy balls of chèvre. This is a fine place to order oysters. The wine list (with bottles for sale at their shop across the street) is surprisingly great. You can come for just a glass of wine on the sidewalk with a small plate of duck confit croquettes. You can come for just coffee in the morning. You can come late at night, when you really should be in bed. It’s not life changing, but it works quite well with life.


25 rue Beautreillis, 75004
Open every day from 7am-2am
Reservations online or at +33 1 42 72 64 94

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In Other Words

François Simon (2018) approves of the tartare with anchovies and smoked egg and the bread pudding with salted butter caramel and whipped cream.

Le Figaro (2017) Emmanuel Rubin gives it 2 hearts (out of 5) and says “Laquelle s’est foulée à astiquer le rétro ambiant, à dévergonder l’étage d’un bar-fumoir de chic comme de broc et à rassurer, surtout, d’une cuisine postpépère, joueuse, taquinant le poireau vinaigrette et le tartare couteau. Et puisqu’il suffit de presque rien pour parfois redire «je t’aime», le «V des P» s’est entiché d’un très accommodant croque-monsieur enflé de gouda truffé, à vous remonter tous les ressorts de banquette. Sûrement l’un des petits totems de cet automne-hiver.”

Alexander Lobrano (2017) says “who doesn’t love an address where you could actually become a regular without having to spend a small fortune or reserve in advance?” but closes with what might be read as faint praise: “Vins des Pyrénées isn’t a place you come in search of gastronomic exaltation, but it’s very likeable for so usefully offering a good feed and great drinks seven days a week in one of the most appealing neighbourhoods in Paris.”


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