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What’s open in August?

What's Open in August in Paris

What’s Open in August in Paris? We’ve been answering this question every year for more than a decade.

If you are planning to visit Paris in late July or August, it’s important to know that most restaurants close for summer vacation. They vary a lot in terms of how much time off they take, and when they take it.

We asked our favorite restaurants – the ones we recommend after visiting anonymously and paying full price – to confirm their summer holiday plans. Based on their direct replies, we’ve put together a calendar to help you organize your summer eating.

This year, we’ve published that calendar as part of our newsletter. This article is free (although you are welcome to subscribe!), and we’ve broken down our recommendations by date and category so that you can find open restaurants for breakfast, for classic French food, for vegetarians, for small plates… whatever you’re looking for.

3 thoughts on “What’s open in August?”

  1. Bonjour Meg,

    Thank you for your lovely list of Parisian Oasis’s ! I am off to Norma with Chris tomorrow – Italian every time with her…I noticed when booking the they have a new web site for you to update when there is a break in the party –
    Des bises,

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