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YamTcha restaurant in Paris

After working for Pascal Barbot at Astrance, Adeline Grattard opened yam’Tcha in 2009 in a tiny space in Les Halles. Combining influences and ingredients from Hong Kong with her French training, and offering tea pairings by Chi Wah Chan, yam’Tcha become a major sensation. A Michelin star followed, along with an episode of (the Netflix show) Chef’s Table. Yam’Tcha was, for a time, the hardest table to book in Paris.

The hype has (somewhat) abated, and it’s now possible to book 3-4 weeks in advance. Reservations open on the first Friday of a month for the following month (in early April for May).

Since moving to a larger location in 2015, the feeling at yam’Tcha has become a little more formal and prices have increased significantly. The no-choice tasting menu is currently priced at 170€. You can add tea for 50€, tea and wine pairings for 70€, or (all) wine pairings for tea and wine for 90€.

Yam’Tcha has been included among our 50 favorite restaurants in Paris.


121 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001
Open Wednesday-Friday for lunch & dinner
Open Saturday & Tuesday for dinner only
Closed Sunday & Monday
Reservations online or at +33 1 40 26 08 07

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Michelin Guide (one star) “Adeline Grattard was given – and has cultivated – a rare gift: a feel for her ingredients. In her restaurant on rue Saint-Honoré, the chef chooses two or three ingredients, on which she focuses all her attention. There is no technical showmanship or ostentation, just subtle, rarely seen combinations that seem completely natural. Trained alongside Pascal Barbot (L’Astrance) and after working in Hong Kong for a few years, she combines products of extraordinary quality, mainly from France and Asia: XO sauce, vinegared black rice or shellfish jus come to mind.”

Condé Nast Traveler “While fusion has become a dirty word in almost any city’s food scene, there is a sort of unifying that goes on at Chef Grattard’s Michelin-starred and much-loved table. But it isn’t fusing Asian flavors to recognizable French classics, it’s more a true harmony of Asian ingredients and even cooking methods with the technique of French cuisine.”

Table à Découvert (2015) “La cuisine d’Adeline Grattard est décidément personnelle, armée de son wok et teintée de nouvelles saveurs, celles d’Asie que la chef connaît, manie et remanie à sa manière à elle. Cette cuisine ne ressemble à aucune autre. Elle arrive, elle n’est jamais là où on l’attend. On se régale, sans mise en scène, sans montage superflu, d’ingrédients cuisinés et présents dans la simple idée de nous faire plaisir. J’ai beaucoup aimé une fois plus et comme je vous le disais, j’ai été séduite par cette ambiance raffinée, avec ses accents d’ailleurs, sa magie.”

Note: these reviews are from the restaurant’s old location at 4 rue Sauval. 

Le Monde (2014) “…l’une des adresses cultes du Paris gourmand contemporain… Sa signature s’est également affirmée dans sa façon de s’approprier des techniques apprises loin de Paris, telles ces volailles cuites à la verticale, comme dans les rôtissoires en argile du céleste empire, ou cette brioche vapeur farcie de stilton et de cerises amarena, devenu l’incontournable étape «fromage» de son «menu découverte»”

Food Intelligence (2012) “La cuisine d’Adeline Grattard percute le palais. Produits de facture irréprochable, caressés et placés au coeur de l’assiette…”

Alexander Lobrano (2011) “Grattard’s cooking is deeply personal, gently creative, and unfailingly delicious.”

Financial Times (2009) “As a former resident of Hong Kong, I recognised Yam’Tcha (or yum cha) as a term for calorie-laden dim sum dumplings consumed in an environment of clattering trolleys, bright lights and endless pots of tea. Fine for Hong Kong, but an odd choice in Paris. But Yam‘Tcha’s intimate space near Les Halles (pictured) couldn’t be more different from Hong Kong’s boisterous dumpling palaces – or more French. The offerings include items such as bread, cheese and an impressive wine list.”


6 thoughts on “yam’Tcha”

  1. Yan’Tcha has completely gone off the rails. It’s become a joyless, pretentious, expensive restaurant with little originality. Give it a miss!

  2. Yam ‘Tcha re-opened at it’s new address (next door to Le Regelade St Honore) on Tuesday 25 May. Hope I can get in when I visit Paris again in September. If not, I will visit Le Regalade two nights running and still save money!

  3. Thanks for the extra information. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will re-open before my next visit to Paris in May!

  4. According to their website, Yam ‘Tcha is moving and re-opening in new premises next year. Any clues as to where that might be? Hope it’s not too far from the current location.

  5. Apparently they have a (new?) system for reservations. I was just told that they open reservations for February on the 2nd Friday of January.

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