Mil Amores Tortilleria

A tortilla speakeasy, if you will. Fresh corn tortillas are produced and sold out of the back room of an apartment building by a trilingual team. It’s not nearly as sketchy as it sounds. […]

Mimolette on Lockdown

American fans of the famed French cheese Mimolette are mite-y pissed off that U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has temporarily banned the favorite cheese of Charles de Gaulle. […]

Lobster Bar

This is no longer included among the favorite 350 addresses that make up Our Guide to Paris Restaurants. We’ve maintained this page so that you can refer to the practical information and other reviews of interest. Feel free to […]

Catherine Down

Catherine Down is the Assistant Editor of Paris by Mouth Catherine has worked on an organic farm in rural France, coordinated farm tours in Philly, stuffed her face as a cheesemonger in Massachusetts, and studied […]

Camille Malmquist

Camille Malmquist is a pastry chef who has worked in restaurants, bakeries, and pastry shops both in Paris and the United States. She has written for Secrets of Paris and Girls’ Guide to Paris, and […]

First Look: La Régalade Conservatoire

Moments before walking into this newest member of La Régalade family, I read the following lines from a review by Alexander Lobrano: Ever since he took over the original La Régalade in the 14th arrondissement from founding chef […]


Practical information Address: 10 rue Volney, 75002 Nearest transport: Opéra (3, 7, 8) Hours: Closed Sunday; Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner and Saturday for dinner only Reservations: Book a few days in advance Telephone: 01 40 […]