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Bright and modern both in the room and on the plate, Abri is on its way to being the best-loved bistro of the rentrée.

Practical information

Address: 92 rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière, 75010 (map)
Nearest transport: Poissonnière (7)
Hours: Monday and Saturday lunch from 10am-7pm with sandwiches only. Four-course tasting lunch menu Tuesday through Friday, and six-course tasting dinner menu Tuesday to Saturday.
Reservations: book several weeks in advance
Telephone: 01 83 97 00 00
Average price for lunch: 20-34€
Average price for dinner: 35-49€
Style of cuisine: Modern French

Reviews of interest

Caroline Mignot (2012) “J’adooooooore la tarte tatin et c’est un dessert que je n’ai plus l’habitude de déguster au restaurant. Petite part extra, dense en goût, en texture, ça envoie (pâte feuilletée et pommes très caramélisées, je crois que la photo parle d’elle-même). Glace à la vanille terrible et caramel blond foncé, un peu épais, bien collant et fort en goût. Ohhh que c’était bon.”

Alexander Lobrano (2012) “This [dessert] was easily the best happy ending I’ve enjoyed all year, in fact, and it underlined the 360 degree excellence of this miniature kitchen and its remarkably self-exigent high-performance staff. This inflection of charm, excellence and affordability won’t last long, so go now.”

Chroniques du Plaisir (2012) “C’est sans aucun doute mon coup de cœur de cette rentrée… Tout dans cette adresse m’enchante : le décor au dépouillement et à la sophistication (une place pour chaque chose) très nipponne, l’assiette toute aussi dépouillée mais savoureuse du chef japonais… Franchement, on rêverait d’un Paris avec un Abri à chaque coin de rue.”

John Talbott (2012) “The 5 Japanese young-folks who cook and serve here have grabbed a tiger by the tail; today they turned away at least 10 people at lunch who didn’t have reservations and it’s only going to get worse, so book early.”

Le Fooding (2012) “Le chef japonais Katsuaki Okiyama (Robuchon, Taillevent et l’Agapé Bistrot, tout de même), vient d’inventer, dans une cantinette en longueur du haut du faubourg Poissonnière, un genre nouveau: la restaurandwicherie gastronomique… Qui sert tantôt le sus-décrit méga-sandwich les lundi et samedi de 10h à 17h, tantôt des menus dégustation quatre plats (au déjeuner pour 22€) ou six plats (au diner pour 38,50€).”


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4 thoughts on “Abri”

  1. Hi, does anyone know what time I should call for a booking at Abri? I’ve been calling between 10am-2pm on the days where they are open for lunch but cannot get through at the number posted here on this page.

  2. A friend called to day to book for the 28th of February (so in 3 weeks), thinking we were counting large. She was told that they were booked until the end of March–so you may want to edit the ‘book a few days in advance to a week in advance’.

  3. One of the main pleasant surprises. “Hole in the wall” is a compliment to describe this location, we actually walked by it a few times before actually realizing it was indeed the place. Another child of the starred trained / going independent chef phenomenon, the obvious Asian influences of Chef Okiyama screamed our throughout this incredibly cheap tasting menu which impressed us at every level. The crispy chargrilled bits of pork chop where amazing, and so was the simplicity of the Pollack. A chocolate ending was well placed

  4. Kudos to such fine reviews! I went back for dinner last night and there were several tables empty, so perhaps for the first time in known history, the evening slot is the easier get. The only downside: overly bright lighting, “the better to see the food,” they said when we complained. We tried to explain that we were less interested in seeing our own wrinkles, and they finally dimmed the lights but a touch. But that’s such a fine point. Ultimately, when the food is that good and the service that lovely, who cares? Go! Go now!

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