Photo from the restaurant’s Instagram page

Address: 4, impasse Guéménée, 75004
Hours: Open Wednesday-Saturday for lunch & dinner. Open Tuesday for dinner only. Closed Sunday & Monday.
Telephone: +33 1 44 61 11 76
Online booking / Website / Facebook / Instagram

Capitaine is open both inside and out with an expanded terrace of tables in the small street it occupies.

In Other Words

L’Express (2019) writes that “real gourmets” who “don’t let themselves get led by the buzz” know that Capitaine deserves its stellar reputation.

Restos sur le Grill (2018) praises the great prices and “generous, flavorful cuisine” at this restaurant, though Arnaud Morisse also criticizes the hake Colbert, which oddly avoids all of the codes of the traditional dish.

Simon Says (2017) starts things off with a rant. “How the hell can new bistros ever hope to stand out?” writes François Simon, highlighting the various ways in which these restaurants all resemble one another. While he gives Capitaine credit for its quality, he nevertheless places it within the category of “interchangeable” bistros at “competitive prices.” “Now,” he writes, “it’ll just have to persist.”

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