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Huîtrerie Régis

Huitrerie Regis oyster restaurant in Paris | Paris by Mouth

The fantastic oysters at Huîtrerie Régis’ come from the Marenne-Oleron and are available for dégustation on the spot in the pale blue and white dining room, or to take home. The smoked scallops are also delicious, but oysters are the reason to come here. Huîtrerie Régis has been included among our 50 favorite restaurants in Paris and our favorite spots for seafood.


3 rue Montfaucon, 75006
Open every day for lunch & dinner
Reservations at +33 1 44 41 10 07 

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Lucky Peach (2015) “Seating is so scarce in Régis’s place that I only ever go early or late. The bar is more for service than for slurping, so standing and having a few oysters and a glass of crisp white wine—which I rank as one of life’s great pleasures and luxuries (even if it’s not all that more expensive than having a café crème and a couple of macarons in a mediocre tea salon)—is not always possible, but there are always oysters to take out.”

Condé Nast Traveler (2015) “It’s like having access to a tiny, chic private club that serves the best oysters in town, driven up daily from the justly famous oyster fields of Marennes-Oléron.”

John Talbott (2014) “Has but one-trick, but what a trick… had a platter of slightly spicy and exceptionally good slices of sausage which taken with superb bread and butter set just the right tone.”

Patricia Wells (2011) “From the moment you approach this spotless, all white postage-stamp sized oyster bar, you know that you are in for a treat. Clean, briny, top-of-the line oysters are what you will find here…”

Alexander Lobrano (2009) “… We were happily settled in this vest pocket dining room with whitewashed walls, waiting for the amiable oyster shucker to prepare our feast, two dozen Speciales de Claire Garnier No. 3… Served with good bread and Echire butter, these plump bivalves had a sublime taste of the sea…”

Dorie Greenspan (2008) “… if you’re not up for a whole plateau, have oysters and a glass of Sancerre at my favorite oyster bar, Huitrerie Régis…”

The New York Times (2007) “To specialize, Huîtrerie Régis really must sell the best oysters possible and charge whatever makes sense, assuming people will bear the cost. And they do. The place is often packed…”


12 thoughts on “Huîtrerie Régis”

  1. Never fail to visit this restaurant each time i am in Paris. The boss is really friendly and so are the rest of the 2 staffs. The lady speaks English too. No doubt the space is small, but you are simply happy with the food. And the lady recommend great white wine to pair off with the yummy oysters.

  2. Hi Melinda, unfortunately the number of Paris restaurants who accept American Express is very, very low. AmEx used to have a search function online to tell which restaurants accept it, but I spent 10 minutes looking just now and could not find it. Expect to not use your AmEx while in Paris. Most places accept Visa and MasterCard but there’s an ATM within 2 minutes walking if Regis doesn’t. Have fun!

  3. Terrible and not professional service, not good value at all. In some restaurant they don’t think about the customers but about themselves, this is clearly one of them.

  4. Purely by chance our taxi stopped out in front of Regis. The owner saw my girlfriend’s face light up and he knew he had us. Needless to say we gave in and took a seat. We were talked into a couple dozen oysters and a nice bottle of champagne to wash it all down. Absolutely, LOVED the place. And the owner gave us a nice discount since he “roped” us in. It will not be an accident next time we show up. Highly recomended!!!!

  5. All: I just wanted to say that this discussion and these differences of opinion are exactly what we hoped to see a lot of when Meg had the brilliant idea to start PbM. I wish this thread could be up there for all to see and stimulate more frank discussions of serious food.

  6. The oysters were unbelievable. We had to wait for about 30 minutes, but were offered wine while we waited. We shared 2 dozen oysters, enjoyed our champagne and bread, and were not rushed to leave despite more people waiting outside. One waitress served the whole place, which was managable because it is so small, and we felt the service was completely adequate.

  7. We wanted to test this restaurant, because my wife love oysters … The reception was so bad that finally, we have not even been able to eat … Yet we used to go to restaurants and we already have good adresses but I’ve never seen that!
    We are arrived quite late on saturday night and it was full. Having spotted a nearby table to break free, we just waited and a couple arrives later and they pushed in front of us… Amazing: instead of tell to them we was first, the waitress found the situation was normal, because we didn’t ask enough quicky to her … Standing in front of the door for long time, near tables was not enough… Very curious to deal with customers!
    Anyway … Therefore, we no longer want to try too … There are many place in Paris to taste nice oysters…

  8. Worst service attitude we encountered in Paris restaurant during our stay. Very impolite. If it was the top of the best five oyster in Paris, it was also top of the rudest as well!

  9. The oysters were average to tasteless. The service really awful. No excuses, it was 19.00 on sunday!
    The waitress asked if I had finished with 3 oysters left (in Paris how can this happen?). Then she asked if I wanted cafe, which was part of the menu. Then asked later if I wanted anything else. Came back 10 mins later, asked the same thing, the answer was still “Non”. Then 10 mins more wait. Finally I go into the restaurant to pay. It wasn’t as if they were busy, so waiting was frustrating. The street is boring, as it ain’t Les Deux Margots!

  10. We split a dozen oysters and a dozen shrimp for a light dinner. With fresh bread and a pichet of Sancerre the experience was traditional and extraordinary. Seek out this 5 table room for the best oyster bar in Paris!

  11. I went here with a friend for their famed oysters and it did not disappoint. Since they don’t accept reservations, we had to get there early. We tried their “formule degustation” with glasses of Sancerre. The oysters were fresh and the service cheerful and friendly. I have found my alternative to driving to Brittany for the oysters!

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