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Le Mazenay

Le Mazenay

Le Mazenay is a modest bistro that’s serving classic French food with subtle Vietnamese accents. The restaurant is named after the village in Burgundy where chef Denis Groison was born, and the wine list reflects his ties to this region. But Groison grew up to travel the world, cooking in Singapore and Hanoi, and marrying a Vietnamese woman named Lan who very expertly oversees the dining room of their mom and pop restaurant in the Marais. He makes simple and delicious French food with subtle Vietnamese accents, like using Phu Quoc pepper for his steak au poivre.

Le Mazenay has been included among our 50 Favorite Restaurants in Paris.


46 Rue de Montmorency, 75003
Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Reservations online or at +33 6 42 83 79 52

Their Instagram / Our Instagram



2 thoughts on “Le Mazenay”

  1. Hi Harriet! I don’t know Bistro Instinct, but I love all of those other places. I obviously like Le Mazenay, but to be clear it is really a neighborhood bistro with excellent wine, and much more simple than La Bourse et la Vie (the fanciest and priciest among these). Juveniles also has excellent wine and is a little more boisterous and fun (or maybe I am more boisterous and fun when there?). Café les Deux Gares is also a neighborhood bistro but a little more design-y and stylish than the others. Hope that helps you decide!

  2. Hi Meg, On my last evening in Paris on 11/7/23 I have chosen Mazenay,75003. But I am
    not convinced after reading a few negative reviews. I can switch to La Bourse et la vie,
    Bistro Instinct, Cafe les Deux Gare, or Juvenile. I am already going to many of your
    recommendations:Magma, Alliance, Maison, Chateaubriand,Jeanne Aimee, and Parcelles.
    Any thoughts…be frank. Thanks,
    Harriet Love

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