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The best restaurants in Saint-Germain

Saint-Germain is beautiful, but it’s filled with a lot of terrible restaurants. Steer clear of the tourist traps by reading our detailed guide to the best restaurants in Saint-Germain, including picks for:

  • best tasting menus in Saint-Germain
  • best options for vegetarians in Saint-Germain
  • best wine bars in Saint-Germain
  • best oysters in Saint-Germain
  • best brunch in Saint-Germain
  • best for solo dining in Saint-Germain
  • best sandwiches in Saint-Germain

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7 Replies to “The best restaurants in Saint-Germain”

  1. Hi Rex! I’ve never seen Bouillabaisse in Saint-Germain (it’s hard to find in Paris), but there’s an outstanding version at Chez Michel near the Gare du Nord.

  2. Hello-Can you recommend a restaurant serving good bouillabaisse in or around St. Germaine? If not St. Germaine, then anywhere in Paris.


  3. Hi Mary! I like Kitchen Ter(re) for the most part. I think the dishes are interesting, and I crave the hearty pastas (made from alternative grains) in cooler weather. But there’s a serious lack of ambience, so I prefer it for lunch when the atmosphere feels less important.

  4. In 2009 my wife and I ‘discovered’ a piano bar in St. Germaine. No peanuts and potato chips with our glasses of wine. We were given small bowls of escargot. There was a singer with an operatic voice. We loved it. Yet when we returned five years later we couldn’t remember where it was located (or what it was called). We’re returning to Paris in February and would love to find this piano bar. Does my description sound familiar to anyone.

  5. Hello! have you tried Mordu in St Germain also? I heard the food is delicious and there is an extended wine list of natural wines..

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