6 thoughts on “Our Guide to Wine in Paris”

  1. RobertD says:

    O-chateau not part of the list?!!
    They have the best selection of French wine I have ever seen!

  2. John says:

    Agree with Oscar SJ…. Very surprised O-chateau is not part of the list…

  3. Oscar SJ says:

    Thanks for a nice list. Got more exploring to do now!!
    Surprised my personal favorite’s not in there: O-Chateau. Warmly recommend it – and their cheese plate 🙂

  4. Ben says:

    Melac did sell, but the staff remains the same, as does their Averyronian selection of wine and hearty menu. The new owner is even growing out his moustache.

  5. Mike Dodd says:

    Is Jacques Melac still there? We had heard that he had sold (retired).
    When we went by on a Saturday in January, the sign read “Bistro A Vins”.
    Also one of our favorites, the Clown Bar, did not appear to be open.
    Did the owner Joe decide to retire?

  6. Michael Stewart says:

    Don’t forget Jacques Melac’s wine bar in the 11th arr. It’s not “trendy” (thank God for that), but if you are looking for “authentic”, this is the place for you.

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