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Vegetarian food tours in Paris

vegetarian food tours in Paris from Paris by Mouth

You probably already know that we’ve been organizing the most popular food and wine tours in Paris for more than a decade. But did you know that half our food tours are vegetarian?


Our food and wine tours in the  South Marais and Left Bank include visits to bakeries and dive deeps into French cheese. They include chocolate and plenty of wine. For these tours, we add some extra decadent pâtisserie and skip the charcuterie that features on our Saint-Germain and North Marais tours. Visit our Food & Wine Tours page for more information.


Our French Cheese Explosion is for fromage fanatics, and includes a visit to a cheese shop followed by a seated tasting and deep dive discussion of around 10 different cheeses, representing a wide variety of French regions and cheesemaking styles. Wine and bread will accompany our selection. Cheese is included on all our tours, but the French Cheese Explosion presents double the amount of cheese and three times the amount of cheese-geeky explanation. Visit our Food & Wine Tours page for details.

You’ll find all the important details about price and availability on
our Food & Wine Tours page.

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