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Septime currently holds the #1 ranking in our list of our favorite Tasting Menus under 100€. First, the bad news: you’re probably not going to get into Septime. Not unless you’re willing to call exactly three weeks before your desired reservation, and probably not even then.

What’s Open in August?

Here’s our annual calendar to show who will be staying open during the summer holidays, based on information that we’ve confirmed directly with the restaurants. Whether you want to search for the schedule of a particular restaurant, or find out what’s open by date, you’ll

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Our Favorites Au Passage (75011) Le Grand Bain (75020) Ellsworth (75001) Clamato (75011) Clown Bar (75011) Our Selection by Neighborhood Louvre & Opéra (75001) Ellsworth Les Fines Gueules Sentier (75002) A Noste Frenchie Bar à Vins Marais (75003, 75004) Le Mary Celeste St-Germain (75006) Freddy’s L’Avant Comptoir L’Avant Comptoir de

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La Marée Jeanne

Practical information Address: 3 rue Mandar, 75002 Nearest transport: Étienne Marcel (4), Sentier (3) Hours: Open every day for lunch & dinner Reservations: Book a day or two in advance Telephone: 01 42 61 58 34 Average price for lunch: 20-39€ Average price for dinner: 40-59€ Style of cuisine: Seafood,

Gare au Gorille restaurant from Louis Langevin and Marc Cordonnier from Septime in Paris

Gare au Gorille

Just steps from the train tracks leading to and from the Saint-Lazare train station, this is the new project from two Septime alums, Marc Cordonnier (Grébaut’s former sous-chef) and his front-of-house partner Louis Langevin. With a hip hop soundtrack and aspirations no grander than to be a good bistro, the