Our Guide to Paris Chocolate & Candy Shops

3 thoughts on “Our Guide to Paris Chocolate & Candy Shops”

  1. Kathy Casey says:

    If they opened in Chicago, I would go to each of them regularly. I love Jacques Genin and Patrick Roger but will frequent any of them. ??

  2. Emmanuel Smith says:

    I have a penchant for À L’Étoile d’Or Mazet pralines and jolly bergamot candies, they were still open at that time but now nothing can be compared to Pierre Hermé’s chocolate and candy 🙂

  3. Jason Whittaker says:

    You definitely need to add Démoulin to this list.

    Horrible interior design, ancient and sluggish staff, and the most amazing cakes and choccie. Bizarrely, no-one really knows about it. If you like chocolate, try the Préfet. Amazing.

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