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Aux Verres de Contact restaurant in Paris

Aux Verres de Contact

This Latin Quarter bistro is the more casual annex of the restaurant Jadis. While it might be fine for certain occasions (if you’re strolling near Notre Dame and want some better-than-average wine and charcuterie), it doesn’t add much to the gastronomic landscape. It’s too expensive to be a neighborhood joint, and too boring to be a cross-town destination. Their selection of snacks and starters mimics the menu of small plates at other wine bars, but they’re less successful and double the price.

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La Galopin restaurant in Paris | parisbymouth.com

Le Galopin

We have visited and will be posting a review soon. In the meantime, you can scroll to see photos and what other reviewers have said about Le Galopin.

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Le Pantruche Restaurant in Paris | Paris By Mouth

Le Pantruche

Franck Baranger’s modern bistro near Pigalle is turning out dishes like celery root soup, oyster tartare, and a standout côte de cochon. Two courses at lunch for 17€, three at dinner for 32€.

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