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Paris Food & Wine Events

Coming Soon

  • June 25: a free wine tasting with Domaine Pothiers (Côtes Roannaise) at La Dernière Goutte from 11am-7pm. Visit them at 6 rue de Bourbon de Chateau, 75006.
  • July 2: a free tasting with Northern Rhône masters Yves Cuilleron, Stéphane Ogier and Yann Chave, as well as the Domaine Lacroix-Vanel from Languedoc. From 11am-7pm at La Dernière Goutte, 6 rue de Bourbon de Chateau, 75006.

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Upcoming Food & Wine Tours

Our tours are lead by English-speaking food & wine professionals who share our passion for eating in Paris. The small-group food tours listed below are priced at €95 (including all tastings) and last around three hours. We keep these groups to 7- 8 participants in order to provide a more personalized experience for you and to ensure that we are welcome in shops of exceptional quality.  You can click the links below to learn more and to book directly online.

We also offer privatized versions of our food tours in Saint-Germainthe Marais and the Latin Quarter. For more information about private tours, just send us an email.

We are happy to accommodate any requests to avoid meat, gluten, dairy or alcohol, just let us know during the registration process.

Unfortunately we are unable to host kids under the age of 10. If you are registering for children under 15, please  send us an email so that we can help you choose the tour best suited for your family.

Click to read what people have been saying about our tours, and we hope to see you soon!



Thursday June 23

  • Taste of the Latin Quarter at 10am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Marais at 10:30am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Marais at 3:30pm (sold out with wait list)

Friday June 24

  • Taste of the Latin Quarter at 10am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of Saint-Germain at 3:30pm (sold out with wait list)

Saturday June 25

  • Taste of the Marais at 10:30am (sold out with wait list)
  • Beyond Bordeaux: A Tour of Natural Wines and Wine Bars at 4pm (sold out with wait list)

Sunday June 26

  • Taste of the Marais at 11am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Left Bank at 11am (sold out with wait list)

Monday June 27

  • Advanced Tasting Workshop: All About the Cheese at 11am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of Saint-Germain at 4pm (sold out with wait list)

Tuesday June 28

  • Taste of the Marais at 10:30am (sold out wait list)
  • Taste of Saint-Germain at 3:30pm (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Latin Quarter at 3:30pm (sold out with wait list)

Wednesday June 29

  • Taste of Saint-Germain at 10am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Latin Quarter at 10am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Marais at 3:30pm (sold out with wait list)

Thursday June 30


Friday July 1

Saturday July 2

Sunday July 3

aMonday July 4

  • Taste of Saint-Germain at 4pm (sold out with wait list)

Tuesday July 5

Wednesday July 6

Thursday July 7

Friday July 8

Saturday July 9

Sunday July 10

  • Taste of the Left Bank at 10am (sold out with wait list)

Monday July 11

  • No Tours

Tuesday July 12

Wednesday July 13

Thursday July 14

  • Bastille Day- No tours

Friday July 15

Saturday July 16

Sunday July 17

Monday July 18

  • No Tours

Tuesday July 19

Wednesday July 20

Thursday July 21

Friday July 22

Saturday July 23

Sunday July 24

Monday July 25

  • No Tours

Tuesday July 26

Wednesday July 27

Thursday July 28

Friday July 29

Saturday July 30

  • No Tours

Sunday July 31


Note: Due to shop closures in August, we are running a very limited number of tours.  We have confirmed with our high quality shops that they will be open during the times listed below. Unfortunately, we are unable to host private tours this month or add spots to the existing tours.  

If you would like to be added to our wait list, please  send us an email with number of people in your party and the dates you are available. We hope to see you there! 

Monday August 1

  • No tours

Tuesday August 2

Wednesday August 3

Thursday August 4

Friday  August 5

Saturday August 6

  • No tours

Sunday August 7

  • Taste of the Left Bank at 11am (sold out with wait list)

Monday August 8

  • No tours

Tuesday August 9

Wednesday August 10

Thursday August 11

Friday August 12

Saturday August 13

  • No tours

Sunday August 14

  • No tours

Monday August 15

  • No tours

Tuesday August 16

Wednesday August 17

Thursday August 18

Friday August 19

Saturday August 20

  • No tours

Sunday August 21

Monday August 22

  • No tours

Tuesday August 23

Wednesday August 24

Thursday August 25

Friday August 26

Saturday August 27

  • No tours

Sunday August 28

Monday August 29

  • No tours

Tuesday August 30

Wednesday August 31

Where to Find the Best Baguettes in Paris

Where can you find a great baguette in Paris? Below we’ve listed and mapped the bakeries who have placed among the top ten winners in the city’s annual competition to determine Le Meilleur Baguette de Paris. Look for the bakery that’s nearest to you, or focus your efforts on those who have finished first – we’ve indicated the Grand Prix winners with a heart. Continue reading Where to Find the Best Baguettes in Paris

What life was really like during the week after the Paris attacks

Contrary to most news reports, Paris is not on lockdown. The city’s residents, and especially those of us who live, work and play on the city’s east side, are shaken up. But together we’re getting through it. Here is an incomplete attempt to show what that looked like during the week after the attacks on November 13th.  Continue reading What life was really like during the week after the Paris attacks

Chez la Vieille

Chef Daniel Rose of Spring restaurant has purchased Chez La Vieille and plans to reopen this historic Les Halles institution in January 2016. Here’s an excerpt from our article about his plans:

“Chez la Vieille occupies an unassuming corner at the intersection of two quiet streets, Bailleul and l’Arbre Sec, between the Louvre and what’s left of Les Halles. It was opened by the formidable Adrienne Biasin back in 1960 and catered – like most restaurants in this neighborhood – to a clientele of workers from the nearby Les Halles market. When the towering iron and glass pavillions were torn down in 1968 and the market was transferred to the sanitary suburb of Rungis, the “old lady’s” place remained as a comfort for locals who were (and still are) mourning the loss of “the belly of Paris.”

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La Fine Mousse Restaurant

It should come as no surprise that the Parisian craft beer pioneers behind La Fine Mousse bar would be the first to open a restaurant dedicated to beer and food pairings. Slightly more surprising is just how refined, inventive, and delicious the food here is. Knowledgeable beer sommeliers work closely with the talented chef to present an intelligent set of seasonal small plates, paired with beers from one of the 10 taps or the extensive bottle collection.

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Best Picnic Spots & Provisions

Paris is packed with ideal picnic locations, but where to buy the food and wine? Here are our selection of the best stops for portable provisions (cheese, charcuterie, breads, sweets, prepared foods and bottles) near our favorite picnic spots.

Our Favorite Picnic Spots in Paris

Click on any of our favorite picnic places below for our map showing where to buy your food and wine at each location.

Picnicking at the Sacré-CœurAt the Sacré-Cœur

2695777756_4d11b56d6e_oAlong the Seine

Canal Saint-MartinCanal Saint-Martin

Photo by Dewet via Flickr Champ de Mars (photo via Dewet/Flickr)

Tuileries Palais Royal Palais Royal/The Tuileries (photo via Dalbera/Flickr)

invalides-e1403525719945Esplanade des Invalides

2705502231_d136f84a5d-e1372745672332Luxembourg Gardens (photo by Nadya Peek via Flickr)

4275615569_c166ceeea3Parcs des Buttes-Chaumont and de la Villete

Place-des-Vosges Place des Vosges

Some tips for a pique-nique Parisien:

  • Those whistles you hear in the parks late at night? They’re important. They’re the last call for frolicking before the gates close and you will get locked in the park if you dally too long.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to borrow a tire-bouchon (corkscrew) from a picnic neighbor if you find yourself without an opener. Or ask your wine shopkeeper to open and re-cork your bottle.
  • Drinking is fine in public places. Except these public places.
  • Cheap blankets and disposable serveware can be found at any grocery store. Plastic cups (aka gobelets) can also be bought by the sleeve or individual piece at most bodegas.

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The 20 Best Bites of Haute Cuisine in Paris

Haute cuisine is not exclusively about what’s on the plate. Elaborately choreographed service, the spectacular number of dishes, the depth of a wine cellar and sumptuous surroundings – these are arguably the elements that separate restaurants with two and three Michelin stars from their starless competitors.

If we look exclusively at the food, however, ignoring the chandelier that twinkles overhead and the plush pedestal propping up our handbags, there is still much to celebrate in haute cuisine.  Continue reading The 20 Best Bites of Haute Cuisine in Paris

The Best Paris Wine Bars for Small Sharable Plates

Top 5 Favorite Wine Bars Serving Small Plates

By Neighborhood


Le Garde Robe
Le Petit Vendôme
Le Rubis

Verjus Bar à Vins


A Noste
Frenchie Bar à Vins


Le Mary Celeste


L’Avant Comptoir




La Cave à Michel
La Pointe du Grouin


Au Passage
Aux Deux Amis
Clown Bar
Le Dauphin
Martin (at night)
Pas de Loup


La Rallonge

The Best Modern French Restaurants in Paris

Top 9 Favorite Modern French Restaurants

By Neighborhood






Les Enfants Rouges


Le Metropolitain
Mon Vieil Ami


Le Pre Verre


Fish – La Boissonnerie
Le Timbre
Ze Kitchen Galerie


La Ferme Saint-Simon
La Table d’Aki
Restaurant David Toutain


Le Marché de Lucas
Le Mini Palais
Neva Cuisine


Le Pantruche
Le Richer


52 Rue du Faubourg St. Denis
Au Comptoir de Brice
Hai Kai
Le Galopin
Porte 12
Ratapoil du Faubourg
Vivant Table


Au Passage
Blue Valentine
Clown Bar
Fulgurances L’Adresse
Le 6 Paul Bert
Le Chateaubriand
Le Dauphin
Le Servan
Le Sot l’y Laisse
Les Déserteurs
Qui Plume la Lune
Restaurant Pierre Sang Boyer







Le Clos Y




Fréderic Simonin
Gare au Gorille
Le Bouchon et L’Assiette


Chamarré Montmartre
La Table d’Eugène



The Best Classic French Bistros in Paris

Favorite Classic Bistros

By Neighborhood

75001 (Louvre, Palais-Royal, Les Halles)

La Régalade Saint Honoré
(open Mon)
La Tour de Montlhéry – Chez Denise (open Mon)

75002 (Sentier, Bourse)

Chez Georges
Terroir Parisien at the Palais Brongniart

75003 (Northern Marais)

Café des Musées
L’Ami Louis

75004 (Southern Marais)

Brasserie de l’Isle Saint Louis

75005 (Latin Quarter)

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie
Terroir Parisien

75006 (Saint-Germain)

Josephine (Chez Dumonet)
La Cantine du Troquet Cherche-Midi
Le Chardenoux des Prés
Le Comptoir du Relais
Restaurant AG

75007 (Eiffel Tower & Invalides)

Bistrot Belhara
Café Constant
Chez l’Ami Jean
La Fontaine de Mars
La Laiterie Sainte-Clotilde
Le Cinq Mars
Les Cocottes de Christian Constant

75008 (Champs-Elysées)

Le Griffonier

75009 (Grands-Boulevards, Pigalle)

Bourgogne Sud
Comptoir Canailles
La Régalade Conservatoire
Le Bon Georges
Les Canailles
Les Saisons

75010 (Canal St-Martin, Faubourg St-Denis, Gare du Nord)

Chez Casimir
Chez Michel
La Cantine de Quentin

75011 (Oberkampf, Voltaire, Charonne)

À La Renaissance
Bistrot Paul Bert
Jeanne A
L’Auberge Flora
Le Chardenoux
Le Repaire de Cartouche
Martin (lunch)

75012 (Aligre, Bercy)

À la Biche au Bois
Café Cartouche

75013 (Butte-aux-Cailles, Chinatown)

Au Petit Marguery
L’Auberge du XV
L’Auberge du Roi Gradlon
L’Avant Gout

75014 (Montparnasse, Alésia)

Aux Enfants Gâtés
Jeu de Quilles
La Cantine du Troquet
La Cerisaie
La Régalade
Le Cornichon

75015 (Eiffel Tower, Javel)

Le Casse Noix
Le Grand Pan
L’Os à Moelle

75016 (Chaillot, Trocadéro)

Chez Géraud

75017 (Ternes, Batignolles)

Le Bouchon et L’Assiette

75018 (Montmartre, Clichy, Goutte d’Or)

Jeanne B
La Cantine de la Cigale
Le Coq Rico

75019 (La Villette, Buttes-Chaumont, Belleville)


75020 (Belleville, Ménilmontant, Gambetta)

Le Baratin

Police Close Shops on Rue des Rosiers

Due to the ongoing hostage situation at a kosher supermarket near Porte de Vincennes, Le Figaro reports that police ordered the closure of shops and restaurants along the rue des Rosiers in the  historically Jewish neighborhood of the Marais today.

Most of the shops normally close for the sabbath on Friday evenings and all-day Saturday, but were forced to take extra precautions and shutter early this afternoon.

La Pointe du Grouin

Named for a pig’s snout (and not its other end), this dirt-cheap Breton wine bar is sandwiched between Thierry Breton’s two other eateries Chez Michel and Chez Casimir.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand the system–it’s not clear that there is one. Just sidle up to the bar, let them know how hungry you are, and wait for the small plates to roll out. Continue reading La Pointe du Grouin

Hot buns from Yam’Tcha’s Adeline Grattard

While their gastronomic restaurant prepares to move to a new location in the new year, the folks at Yam’Tcha are using their space at 4 rue Sauval to sell boxes of bao, or steamed buns, to go. Adeline Grattard’s Franco-Chinois take on les brioches vapeur includes fillings like Comté with sweet onion, Basque pork with Szechuan eggplant, shrimp with gauchoï, spicy shitake & veg, and surprising bite of Stilton with Amarena cherry. Continue reading Hot buns from Yam’Tcha’s Adeline Grattard

Au Passage to open new wine bar

The team behind Au Passage is opening a new wine bar called Martin on Saturday night November 29.

Au Passage barman Loïc (family name Martin) is leading the charge with backing from Au Passage co-owners Jean-Charles & Audrey and with menu supervision by Au Passage chef Edward Delling-Williams. Continue reading Au Passage to open new wine bar

Aizpitarte to open Le Chabanais in London

Bloomberg reported today that Le Chateaubriand (now le Chateaubrand?) will be opening a 90 seat restaurant early next year in London’s Mayfair district.

Le Chabanais, which takes its name from a brothel and is also the name of an international escort service, will be helmed by Paul Boudier, currently Iñaki Aizpitarte’s second in command. The space will be designed by Clement Blanchet who designed, along with Rem Koolhaas, Le Chateaubriand’s adjacent white marble wine bar Le Dauphin

Read the full article from Richard Vines on Bloomberg

Terroirs d’Avenir

Even if you haven’t been to Terroirs d’Avenir yet, odds are you’ve still tried one of their products. Alexandre Drouard and Samuel Nahon started Terroirs d’Avenir in 2008 to bring exceptional French products from small producers to Paris restaurants, revolutionizing our city’s dining scene along the way. After building a devoted clientele of chefs (among others: Daniel Rose (Spring), Braden Perkins (Verjus) and their current neighbor on the Rue de Nil, Grégory Marchand (Frenchie), Alexandre and Samuel opened the Terroirs d’Avenir shops in 2013. Continue reading Terroirs d’Avenir

The Bombardier

A hub for English culture, this pub proudly pours “real ales” from Wells & Young’s, beers in classic English styles you won’t find elsewhere in Paris. Traditional English pub fare is served at lunch and a full English breakfast is offered on weekends. With rugby and soccer/football matches on TV and a pub quiz every Sunday, it would be easy to think you were in England.  Continue reading The Bombardier

A la Bière Comme à la Bière

“Boissons vivantes & épicerie funk” announces the tagline on this small, brightly decorated storefront. Inside, you’ll find nearly 200 different bottled craft beers from Europe and North America, many kept chilled for immediate consumption. The colorful interior is cheerful and inviting, and the enthusiasm of owners Jean-Baptiste and Dédé is infectious. Continue reading A la Bière Comme à la Bière

Le Bouillon Belge

Lots and lots of different beers, served inexpensively and without pretense – that’s the draw at this welcoming, convivial bar in the far reaches of Eastern Paris. The selection is predominantly Belgian, as the name would suggest, but you’ll find a handful of French and German brews in the collection of at least 100 bottles on offer. Continue reading Le Bouillon Belge

Les Trois 8

Revolutionary for Paris, this shoebox-sized bar just north of the lively Oberkampf district has a lot to offer lovers of craft beer… and their natural wine-drinking friends, too. French beer is well-represented both on the eight rotating taps and in the 80 or so bottles on offer, featuring such breweries as Outland (Ile-de-France), Sainte-Crucienne (Alsace), and Northmaen (Normandy). French bar snacks (cheese and charcuterie boards) and a small selection of natural wines available by the bottle or glass round out the menu. Service is friendly and knowledgeable, eager to help you find just the beverage you’re after, even if it’s something you’ve never tried before.  Continue reading Les Trois 8


Situated in the increasingly lively Marché Saint Quentin, this shop is home to a wide variety of French and international craft beers, with particularly good selections from Italian and English breweries. Prices are very fair, and service is as chatty (or not) as you want them to be.

Address: Inside the Marché Saint Quentin at 85 bis boulevard Magenta, 75010
Nearest transport: Gare de l’Est (4, 5, 7)
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am-8:00pm, Sunday 9:30am-1:30pm
Telephone: 01 44 79 02 97

Average price for beer: 3-6€ for 33cl bottles
Notable Brews: Brewfist (Italy), St. Austell (England), Matten (France)