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Le Triangle

In an exciting step forward for the craft beer scene in Paris, Le Triangle has opened its doors to become Paris’ first-ever gastrobrewpub. With brewing kettles on display behind the bar, an excellent selection of guest beers on tap (house-made brews are slated for early 2015), and enticing seasonal dishes coming out of the kitchen, the respect for good product is evident. The welcome is warm, the staff enthusiastic, the prices reasonable, and the menu changes daily – what more can a beer-loving foodie ask for?  Continue reading Le Triangle


Following their success with Verjus, where the more elaborate formula of dégustation + wine pairings has drawn a loyal following of happy locals and visiting celebrities, Braden Perkins and Laura Adrian have decided to open something more casual. Let’s call it “serious casual” because at Ellsworth (named for Perkins’ grandfather), foods that you might see at a county fair are elevated through careful sourcing and a sincere spirit of DIY. Corn dogs are thus filled with house-made rabbit sausage and paired with bitter mustard greens. Potato skins are topped with melted tomme and enlivened by crunchy chicken skin instead of crumbled bacon.

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Boulangerie Bo

Practical information

Address: 85 bis rue de Charenton, 75012
Nearest transport: Ledru-Rollin (8)
Hours: Open every day
Telephone: 01 43 07 75 21
Website   Facebook

Reviews of interest

Table à Découvert (2015) “La tarte au chocolat. Je crois qu’elle parle d’elle-même, enfin c’est l’effet que ça m’a fait dans la boutique. Ce streusel dessus, ça doit être trop bon ai-je pensé. La pâte est très fine, un peu beurrée, c’est très agréable, elle est surtout là pour mettre en valeur la ganache et le chocolat. Une ganache dense, assez prise, avec un fort goût de chocolat renforcé par ce streusel croustillant (et ça se tient bien, car je n’ai mangé les gâteaux que vers 20h30 hier soir) au sel et au cacao qui un peu plus de longueur aux goûts.”

3rd place in our Five Great Paris-Brest competition

L’Express (2015) “Benoît et Olivier (BO), deux passionnés et fous de pains, ont repris l’adresse historique Bazin l’année dernière afin de proposer leur vision d’une boulangerie sincère et créative. Leurs différents pains très bien maîtrisés sont de fabrication traditionnelle au levain, avec des farines Label rouge et biologiques.”

Sébastien Dégardin

Practical information

Address: 200 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005
Nearest transport: Luxembourg (RER B), Place Monge (7)
Hours: Closed Monday & Tuesday
Telephone: 01 43 07 77 59
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Reviews of interest

5th place in our Five Great Paris-Brest competition

Table à Découvert (2015) “Voici le Paris-Brest de la maison. Gargantuesque, défiant les lois de la nature en dose de praliné, il n’est pas à mettre dans toutes les bouches tant il est copieux. Une pâte à chou fraîche, des éclats de fruits secs qui donnent du croquant, une crème mousseline exquise, une tuile caramélisée avec sa noisette et son amande caramélisées aussi et ce que vous ne voyez pas, mais que je vous avoue quand même: un cœur de pur praliné qui croustille sous la dent. Oh la la, c’est terrible.”

L’Express (2015) “… des classiques de la pâtisserie française très bien retravaillés et de subtiles créations originales, composées avec des matières premières de qualité supérieure. Parmi les spécialités de Sébastien Dégardin, il est impossible de passer à côté de son sablé au chocolat, sa tarte au citron et au yuzu, sa religieuse caramel et vanille ou son inégalable Passiflore (sablé, biscuit amande coco, crémeux aux fruits de la passion et mangue poêlées). Certainement l’adresse du lot possédant le meilleur rapport qualité prix.”


We have not yet reviewed this coffee shop, but you’ll find practical information about location and hours on this page, along with links to other reviews. Feel free to share your own opinion in the comments.

Practical information

Address: 54 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75001
Nearest transport: Madeleine (8, 12, 14), Concord (1, 12, 14)
Hours: Closed Sunday; Open Monday-Saturday
Telephone: 07 82 52 93 63
Website   Facebook

Reviews of interest

Sugared & Spiced (2015) “Excellent coffee, super friendly service, and pastries supplied by Broken Biscuits. I’m not often in this neighborhood but when I am, I make sure to come here for a cup of coffee.”

Le Fooding (2015) “Aux commandes de cette ingénieuse structure modulable conçue pour évoluer avec les saisons (dedans/dehors de bois et verre), un jeune couple anglo-australien. Chez Daniel Warburton et Angelle Boucher, cafés d’exception provenant de micro-parcelles (expresso du Brésil, déca du Chiapas… 2,60 €), jus de fruits maison (4€), yoghourt au granola et fruits, spongieux cake au citron et amande…”

Hipsters in Paris (2015) “If you happen to be stuck around Madeleine or visiting François Hollande, starving or in need of a real coffee, stop by Honor. It’s a belle concept with gentil people who deserve your business.”

Sprudge (2015) “… a surprisingly casual and relaxed setting…  And different it is. For starters, it’s an “outdoor” cafe. Think of it like a greenhouse that doesn’t have plants but serves coffee instead… The other big difference for the Paris coffee scene is that there isn’t any filter or pour-over coffee available. But instead, working off of a Mahlkönig EK43, they are serving up “filter shots”, a nod to Matt Perger’s Coffee Shots.”

Paris Bouge (2015) “On pourrait donc s’attendre à un café hors de prix… Et bien non, pas de surprise désagréable ! Comptez 3 euros environ pour un vrai bon café, 4 euros pour un chocolat chaud fait avec amour. Le tout avec de la bonne humeur et les larges sourires des deux baristas. Une adresse qu’on aurait bien envie de garder rien que pour nous.”

The New York Times (2015) “The name “Honor” is a nod not only to the street and to the patron saint of bakers but also to the couple’s ethos of honoring good hospitality and “baristaring,” as they refer to their craft… And if the coffee isn’t enough of a lure, Warburton and Boucher also offer a short but smart selection of quiches, sandwiches, salads and, bien sûr, dessert.”


Burgers are ubiquitous in Paris, but the unique ones at Siseng are worth seeking out. The house specialty is bao burgers: five spiced beef patties with tamarind and tempura onion or a crispy chicken filet with coconut milk & basil on steamed Chinese buns. It’s pan-asian fusion that (mostly) works. Cocktails & sides were uneven. Crunchy risotto balls infused with a lingering lemongrass flavor were a surprising success while the sweet potato fries could have stood another round in the fryer. An evening visit on a weekend found the tiny, Canal-side space slammed with a young, international crowd, but service stayed funny & warm under pressure albeit somewhat forgetful. There are no reservations so it’s better to go in small groups and be prepared to wait.

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Le Pré Catelan

Practical information

Address: Bois de Boulogne, Route de Suresnes, 75016
Nearest transport:  La Muette (9), Rue de la Pompe (9)
Hours: Closed Sunday, Closed Monday
Reservations: Book many weeks in advance
Telephone: +33 (0)1 44 14 41 00
Average price for lunch: More than 100€
Average price for dinner: More than 100€
Style of cuisine:  Modern French, Haute Cuisine
Website   Facebook   Book Online

Reviews of interest

L’assiette dans les étoiles (2012) “Côté addition, on est plutôt dans la moyenne basse des 3 macarons parisiens. Il faut compter environ 350 à 400€ par personne avec le grand menu et en buvant largement à sa soif. Cela reste cher mais pas exagéré, l’assiette et le service le méritent amplement.”

Critique gastronomique (2011) “Le(s) plus : Le pavillon Napoléon III, niché dans les profondeurs du Bois de Boulogne, le service.
Le(s) moins : Le repas plutôt décevant ainsi que l’addition “stratosphérique”.”

Food Snob (2009) “In creation, composition and construction, the chef seems to want to differentiate himself and shape a distinctive, identifiable style of his own. I admired his willingness (possibly even determination) to be different….But as I alluded to above, originality and inspiration in presentation are to be esteemed and encouraged, but should be applied precisely and effectively. I hate to see this taken too far with savours suffering for superficiality’s sake and I must confess that sometimes it felt like additional dishes and elements on those dishes were there for reasons other than to please my palate.”

Boutique Yam’Tcha

In late 2014, Yam’Tcha (the restaurant) moved and its  former space converted into a tea salon and to-go window selling delicious steamed buns (bao). Adeline Grattard’s Franco-Chinois take on les brioches vapeur includes fillings like Comté with sweet onion, Basque pork with Szechuan eggplant, shrimp with gauchoï, spicy shiitake & veg, and surprising bite of Stilton with Amarena cherry. Pick up a single bun for 3-4€ or get an assortment of 5 for 16€. They’ll steam them on-site for you, or you can take them home and steam them yourselves in 3-5 minutes. They’re also selling bottles of house-made XO sauce in three varieties, plus tea for drinking on site or making at home.  Continue reading Boutique Yam’Tcha

Lulu White

Start your Pigalle bar crawl off at this intimate absinthe-focused speakeasy named after a legendary New Orleans madame. This signless spot, from the team behind Little Red Door, joins Dirty Dick and Glass on the increasingly bar-lined rue Frochot. It’s an elegant space in which to explore a variety of absinthes, whether in cocktails or in a flight of three served with water or seasonal syrups. The frozen Carmen Miranda with Four Roses bourbon, strawberry cordial, and Pernod absinthe whirled together in a slushy machine was a hit. The bartenders are unpretentious and friendly, and will make you an off-list cocktail without the green fairy if you are so inclined.

-Catherine Down, January 2015

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